RunVerity began in 2014...

About Me

I have a Psychology degree (2004) a PGCE (2005) and I am a qualified UK Athletics Coach (CiRF) and I started my running journey 19 years ago in my early thirties. I had always wanted to be able to run, I used to look at other runners and wish that I could do that.  I started running as a complete beginner and I had to overcome the many barriers that inevitable came up, time, a young family, career and of course fear of just heading out of the front door just to name but a few.  I loved the freedom that running gave me, both mentally and physically and when I joined my local running club I was given the opportunity to devolop and deliver the annual beginner's running course and I a large portion of my job was talking and encourage complete beginner's to attend the course.  Whilst I was with the running club I qualified as a UK Athletics Coach (CiRF).

I have now coached over a 1'000 beginner's into achieving their first 5k and who have subsequently gone on to achieve so much more, 10k's, half marathons and marathons. I set up RunVerity in 2014 predominately to provide beginner's running courses throughout the year however runners wanted to continue to be coached by myself  so 4 years later RunVerity now has 8 coached running sessions a week and the beginner's courses run continuously every 8 weeks. 

I fundamentally believe that anyone can learn to run with the right coaching, support and advice.  I have influenced hundreds of runners whose running journey started as a complete beginners and I have provided expert advice to established runners for over 10 years now.

I have completed numerous 5 and 10K races, half marathons, 5 full marathons ( including London and Paris) and completed 7 races form the Endurance Life Coastal Marathon Series. 

I regularly write running articles and this running expertise and advice is published in over 20,000 regional publications nationwide.

At RunVerity you have relatable and supportive coaches who have your goals in mind and are with you every step of the way; so much more than a running club: the ethos of RunVerity is - “Let’s Run Together”.