RunVerity turns complete beginners into runners regardless of whether you have even looked at a pair of trainers before.  You do not have to wait until you have the right body, have lost weight or even tried to run around the block.  You can do it right now, in the body you have right now and without any running experience at all.  At RunVerity not only do we coach the technical skills needed to become a runner but we also focus on mental training as well so that you become a lifelong and resiliant runner and we do all of this in a safe and supportive environment.

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RV Beginner's Running Course

Maybe you've tried running on your own before only to find you can't get your breathing right, you’ve felt deflated and not got past week 4 on your app.

RunVerity's well established 8 week Beginner's Running course is a trusted programme specifically designed for beginners with a proven track record of success. You are coached by Verity who is an England Athletic coach, a graduate in Psychology and a professional teacher. Not only do you learn how to run physically but you also learn the psychological skills needed to succeed and exceed your expectations.


RunVerity caters for all runners of all abilities.

Never underestimate what you and a good running coach can achieve. If you would like to improve your technique, speed, strength and stamina then RunVerity can help you. With expert coaching you can get results. Learn how to run a negative split, how to take minutes off your race times and become a life long runner who can perform consistently.


The RunVerity Team

Verity is RunVerity’s head coach and has a brilliant team of 4 RunVerity Run Leaders. Everyone at RunVerity has been trained by England Athletics as well as completing the RunVerity sessional leader’s qualification which ensures that each session is authentic to the RunVerity ethos

I am a professional running coach with years of experience, my unique coaching focus is about developing not only the technical skills needed so that you reach your full potential but all the mental and emotional development which enables you to build up resilience and confidence and be the runner that you really want to be. So if you are worried that you’re not going to stick at running, or if sometimes you just can’t get the motivation to put on your trainers- I can help.
— Verity Wright

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