Feeling shocked and amazed after achieving what I thought was the unachievable tonight!! I actually did it!! I feel overwhelmed and can’t actually believe it... but I went the whole way without stopping!!

Me a Runner.... can you believe it!!

— Cathy 2019

Have you always wanted to be able to run? Think you’re not the sporty type and hate the thought of exercise?

At RunVerity you don’t have to look like a fitness model or be a fitness fanatic to do any of our courses. No matter what your age, size or fitness level, you can learn to use running as a powerful tool to feel better and get active.

At RunVerity we remove the practical and emotional barriers that are often associated with running.

  • You won’t hold anyone up,

  • You won’t be the only new person in the group

  • You don’t have to be fit to start

So if you are one of the many people who say that you can't run for a bus, or even to the bottom of the garden but you’d really like to be able to, then RunVerity has a course just for you.


At RunVerity you can be a runner in the body that you have right now, all the beginner's running courses are designed for complete beginner's, no experience required and unfit bodies are welcome.  You do not have to wait until you have lost weight or got a little bit fitter, you can do it right now.

At RunVerity all our courses take running right back to the basic fundamental skills needed to develop any sport so that you become a competent and effecient runner. You learn how to run, you learn what to do with your arms, with your legs, and especially your breathing.


What to expect

This 6 week course has been devised to focus on time and not distance and take complete beginners from not being able to run at all to running for 30 mins at your pace. There is no pressure to complete a distance so it is a great introduction into running.

  • You learn how to get your breathing right and find your pace, no more struggling with your breathing

  • One hour weekly coached session where you learn the technical skills needed to run effeciently and help keep injuries at bay.

  • Online support between the coached sessions with structured "homework" to complete

This 6 week course is £30.


What to expect

These 8 week courses are bespoke and established and the focus is on achieving a 5k parkrun at the end of the course. The groups are small, there are no gimmicks, the programme works; many beginners go on to achieve goals that they never thought would be possible as the courses create foundations that enable you to continue running.

This isn’t C25K, it is Coach25k and you are coached on how to run, you will be taught the right techniques and if you can’t get it right straight away you will be guided, supported and encouraged until you are ready, until your breathing is right and at your pace and your ability. The programme is about development, the RV leaders teach you about the fundamental skills needed to become a runner, we coach you on how to run so that you learn the technical skills needed so that you can move and look like a runner.  We teach you about resilience to keep going, at RunVerity our mental health is just as important as our physical health.

We provide

  • Support on setting a specific goal that you would like to achieve from the course

  • Breaking your goals into milestones so that you have small wins

  • Your progress will be monitored and recorded

  • One hour weekly coached session where you learn the technical skills needed to run effeciently and help keep injuries at bay.

  • Online support between the coached sessions with structured "homework" to complete

  • 8 weekly articles that help build up the psychological skills that compliment the physical skills you learn in the coached sessions.

    This 8 week course is £64

Fareham Coach25k

RunVerity Beginner’s Running course in Fareham

Monday September - 7:00pm

Meet at Lysses car park, off Wallington Way in Fareham.

Gosport RV30

RV30 IN Gosport

Wednesday 16TH OCTOBER 7pm

Whiteley Coach25k

Next RunVerity Beginner’s Running course in Whiteley

Tuesday 29th October - 7:45pm

Meet at HSBC car park, Forum 1, Solent Business Park off Whiteley Way in Whiteley.

Honestly Verity I can’t believe it has worked this time and I’m doing it. You are amazing this was defo the best £64 I have ever invested in myself.
— Cathy 2019