Welcome to RunVerity; the unique running community where everyone is welcome.

At RunVerity we pride ourselves on the community ethos and spirit that is one of the key aspects of being a RV member.  Our running community provides a supportive, caring and enjoyable environment which helps keep you motivated in your running journey; this camaraderie amongst RunVerity members allows you to surpass your running goals that would have been hard to achieve on your own. 

The support and encouragement that everyone gives eachother and the recognition that everyone is at different stages of their running journey (we all remember how we felt when we first started). Whether you are first or last, fast or slow - everyone’s efforts and achievements are celebrated and because of this it never becomes too serious that we forget to enjoy it!
— RV Member 2017


Regardless of your age, whether you are a seasoned runner or if you cannot run the length of you, RunVerity's inclusive running sessions and female lead coaching will help you to achieve your full potential in running.  With 10 sessions a week there is something for everyone regardless of your ability.

Get Started

Starting anything new can be quite daunting, whether it is the RV Beginner's Running Course or joining the established RV running groups. Verity and her team will ensure that you are holistically prepared for your future running  goals. You will learn to run safely and efficiently in a fun and supportive environment.

RV Beginners

The RV beginner's course is specifically for people who have never run before; it may be that you have not even exercised for a long time. The course has been expertly designed by Verity, who is an extremely experienced running coach, to ensure that you are fully prepared to achieve your goal; 0-5km in 8 weeks.

Already a runner?

Free Introduction

Please come along to any of our 8 open running sessions for a free introduction to RunVerity.  You can meet Verity, her team as well as RunVerity members and see what we are all about.

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