RunVerity is situated in Whiteley, just off junction 9 of the M27.   RunVerity's aim to support your health, fitness and overall well being in an exciting and inspirational running environment. 

At RunVerity we pride ourselves on the community ethos and spirit that is one of the key aspects of being a RV member.  Our running community provides a supportive, caring and enjoyable environment which helps keep you motivated in your running journey; the camaraderie amongst RunVerity members allows you to surpass your running goals that would have been hard to achieve on your own. 

Regardless of your age,  12 or 80, whether you are a seasoned runner or if you cannot run the length of you, RunVerity's inclusive running sessions and personalised coaching will help you to achieve your full potential in running and everyday life.  How? Studies have shown that running can help prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, some cancers, and a host of other unpleasant conditions. What’s more, research has shown that running also vastly improves the quality of your emotional and mental life, and even helps you live longer.

RV Beginners

The RV beginner's course has been expertly designed by Verity to ensure that you learn how to run effeciently and correctly in a safe and supportive environment

RV InBetweeners

Have you recently lost your confidence in running? Have you completed the RV Beginner's course in the past but haven't managed to get to any of the running groups because life just got in the way? Are you coming back from injury and have been told to run/walk for a short period of time until you regain your strength?

Already a runner?

We have 9 running sessions to choose from which cater for all abilities

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