How to start running with RunVerity

Learn how to run correctly with the RV Beginner's Running Couse.  If you have always wanted to be able to run but have a fear of where to start, look no further.  RunVerity's bespoke 8 week beginner's running course has been specifically designed for complete beginners.  We offer courses in Fareham and Whiteley and whether you want to run for fitness, fun or develop new skills these courses are an ideal place to start.  Courses starting on the 3rd and 4th September 2018.

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RunVerity caters for all runners of all abilities.  

If you would like to improve your running technique, speed, strength and stamina then RunVerity can help you.  With my expert run coaching you can expect results.  Learn how to run a negative split, how to take minutes off your race times and become a life long runner who can perform consistently.


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RunVerity Corporate Coaching

I am passionate about getting people active and running is a great way to help improve your employees’ health and well-being. It can easily be fitted into the working day and improves concentration and efficiency, reduces stress, can lead to a reduction in sickness levels, and increases confidence and self-esteem. RunVerity can create and deliver a bespoke package of running training tailored exactly to your company's needs and requirements.

I am a professional running coach with years of experience, my unique coaching focus is about developing not only the technical skills needed so that you reach your full potential but all the mental and emotional development which enables you to build up resilience and confidence and be the runner that you really want to be. So if you are worried that you’re not going to stick at running, or if sometimes you just can’t get the motivation to put on your trainers- I can help.
— Verity Wright

How to start running

Taking up running can seem like a scary prospect especially if you feel out of shape or unfit.  Are you unsure of how to get started?

Running for beginners

No experience is required for this course, anyone can give it a go. If you think you can't, this course will show you that you can.

Running club

Come along to any of our 8 open running sessions for a free introduction to the RunVerity running club.  

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