Whether you are training for a 5k or a full marathon

Download the training plan to suit your next running challenge

RV Beginner's Graduates - Double the Distance

Becoming a runner is exciting, here is some advice to help you in your new challenge.  Your goal maybe to stick for 5k for the moment with an aim to feeling more comfortable with this distance.  Or you may want the challenge of a 10k, whatever your goal is there will always be a plan and help with your progression.

RV Beginner's Graduate  - GSR Training Plan

Read the advice in the Double the Distance blog as it all counts :)

Interval Training 

A combination of hill and speed work with a 12 week training plan

5K Race

A great place to start, race the distance we run in group sessions

10K Race

Up your distance to a 10k event or run with friends.

10 Mile Race

Tackle the 10 mile Great South Run

Half Marathon

13.1 miles or 21 kilometres


26.2 miles or 42 kilometres

Run Jurrassic

10k or 21k