How to Take the Next Step to Success

The main thing to remember now that you are a RV member is that I am your coach, I know what you are capable of, what's going on in your life and I care about your times and your achievements, I'll steer you in the right direction to ensure you are successful. There will be frustrations along the way but becoming a runner is so exciting, especially if you thought it was something that you thought you would never be able to achieve. 

Your progress over any of the RunVerity Beginner’s Course has been huge and you are now a runner! The next big challeng is how to keep running and most importantly how to keep motivated and injury free. 

The best thing to start doing is plan how you are going to fit running around your life and to be as consistent as possible, yes life does get in the way, however try to make sure that you are not last on the list when it comes to your family, it is important that you have your time for you and sometimes it is easy to say oh ok, I'll not go running because there is too much to do.  I have learnt that most things do get done, regardless of whether I am there or not.

Try to build up your running slowly, remember the Terrible Too's, don't do too much, too soon, too quickly, gradually allow your body to adapt to your new regime and I would advise not to run on consecutive day.  It is still ok to walk in your run as you will get stronger and by building up your mileage slowly you are reducing your chances of injury.

Try not to compare yourself to others, everyone else has their journey and yes they may "seem" to be running every day, doing huge miles and achieving all the time, but the social media world isn't real life and it's your journey nobody elses. 

Set yourself a goal, nothing too unrealistic, and be as flexible as possible there will be certain points in your running journey where your fitness levels will drop off, you simply can't achieve a PB on every run, so cut yourself some slack, run because you enjoy it and don't be frightened to take a week off, this will be beneficial in the long term.

I've written a 8 week plan to help you build a base with a view to you doing another parkrun, this isn't set in stone, it's just a focus, the aim to to run consistenly over the next few weeks so that you don't get injured while your body adapts to your new habit. Remember your training age is still very young.

                       Run 1                 Run 2

Week 1            3 miles         3 miles

Week 2          3 miles         3 miles

Week 3           3 miles         Try another parkrun

Week 4        3 miles          3 miles

Week 5        3 miles         3 miles

Week 6         3 miles        Try another parkrun

Week 7        3 miles         4 miles

Week 8           3 miles         Try another parkrun

Look out for the events that are coming up soon on the RV Events Group page. I can do you an individaul training plan if you have a specific goal in mind so just ask.