“I used to be a runner, I used to be a runner” I said to myself for the hundredth time trying to get myself back into running again and failing miserably. But it just wasn’t happening and I had seriously lost my mojo and my faith in myself. 
— Vicky - 2019

If you've been off running for a while due to injury, sickness or you've become a parent or just had a mid life crisis and learnt how to surf instead don't worry, RunVerity's Return to Running course will help you ease back into running. This 6 week programme offers a sensible and structured re-intoduction to running that will help you practice patience so that you take the time needed for your body to get strong enough to handle running again.

What to expect

The RunVerity Return to Running courses are bespoke and established courses, the groups are small, there are no gimmicks, the programme works and many runners gain that confidence that they once had and go on to achieve their goals in a safe and supportive environment.

The courses have been designed by myself, an expert in Sport Psychology, a skillful teacher with 20 years of running experience and 10 years of coaching. The groups have limited spaces to ensure you all get the support you need.

This course offers sensible and structured re-introduction to running so that you stand a much better chance of success first time, and a faster return to full fitness. It’s important to make sure you focus on technique throughout and develop the ability to maintain good form consistently as the run durations increase so we re-visit the basics needed to ensure you have a solid foundation. This is particularly important to help runners avoid the common and painful ‘too much, too soon’ trap. I teach you about resilience to keep going, at RunVerity our mental health is just as important as our physical health.

What you Get

  • Support on setting a specific goal that you would like to achieve from the course

  • Breaking your goals into milestones so that you have small wins

  • Your progress will be monitored and recorded

  • One hour weekly coached session where you learn the technical skills needed to run effeciently and help keep injuries at bay.

  • Online support between the coached sessions with structured "homework" to complete

  • 6 weekly articles that help build up the psychological skills that compliment the physical skills you learn in the coached sessions.

    How much?

Beginners Course £48 

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Fareham Course RunVerity Return to Running course in Fareham

Monday 13th May - 7:00pm

Meet at Lysses car park, off Wallington Way in Fareham.