RunVerity offers different types of runs for all types of runners from how to take those first scary steps into running with our bespoke RunVerity Beginner’s running courses to how to improve your running with interval sessions and tailored training plans. Verity, our head coach and founder, has designed all of our courses and sessions and they work, we have the right format, thousands of RunVerity graduates have successfully completed our courses since we started 5 years ago and gone on to achieve many goals.

Runverity has 11 training sessions throughout the week plus the RunVerity Beginner’s Running Courses which run on a Mon, Tues and Weds evening in Fareham, Whiteley & Gosport.

RV Coach25K

It doesn’t matter if you have never run before or even looked at a pair of trainers because the RV Coach25K running course is designed for people who are complete beginners. This well established 8 week course is a trusted programme where the focus is on developing the right skills so that you learn how to control your breathing, develop skills that enable you to run effeciently and confidently as well as have some fun. You just have to turn up, we’ll do the rest. We have new courses staring in October. For more info click here

RunVerity Running Club

Never underestimate what you and a good running coach can achieve. At RunVerity we help keep you motivated and active so that you achieve your goals, we break down your goals so that each step is achievable. We help manage negative emotions and seek to find positive emotions in all that you do with our RunVerity motivational workshops. If you would like to improve your performance, both physically and mentally then RunVerity can help you. With expert coaching you can get results; learn how to run a negative split, how to take minutes off your race times and become a life long runner who can reach their potential.

Workplace Run Club

Workplace run clubs provide an opportunity for staff to train together to build team spirit, stay healthy, improve concentration and build confidence. RunVerity offers bespoke training packages that are tailored for you and your company. Verity is the coach for the sponsors of Southampton Marathon, ABP, and coaches their ABP Run Club each year as the staff take on the variety of distances every April.

The RunVerity Team

Verity is RunVerity’s head coach and has a brilliant team of 4 RunVerity Run Leaders. Everyone at RunVerity has been trained by England Athletics as well as completing the RunVerity sessional leader’s qualification which ensures that each session is authentic to the RunVerity ethos.

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