Palma Running Weekend

This weekend is proving to be extremely popular with a wide variety of RV members coming along, some with partners, some on their own so I thought I would just put all the details out there for your info.
The details for registration are here, you have the option of the 10k, half and full marathon and entry is very straight forward. I haven't signed up to the races yet, I will do that soon. You can book into a hotel or apartments via the tourist information office here I know there are some very good AirBNB. Palma is a very condensed city and it is really easy to get around. The start and finish of the race is by the Cathedral so that is a good place to start looking for accomodation.

Jamie and I are travelling out on Friday afternoon and coming back on Monday afternoon, we are travelling from Heathrow with BA and the flights cost £214 in total. There are reasonable flights available via Gatwick and Bournemouth, both airports offer good Friday and Saturday options and there is a late return flight on Sunday night, nothing from Southampton I'm afraid.

It looks like it could be a great weekend but I'm aware that it can be a costly weekend as well. The training will start in July and if you want to do both the GNR and Palma half you need to take both of these very steadily as there is only 5 weeks apart from each race and of course the GSR on the 21st October so a very busy time. 

The plan is very rough at the moment, we have RV members that are making a holiday of it, some people are coming on their own and some just for one night, the travel time from the UK is 2 hours so all very doable.

My thoughts are that because there are so many of us (40 to date) that it would be impossible to all eat together so the plan would be
Friday night drinks only
Saturday RV parkrun 9am, there is a lovely flat out and back route on the seafront that we could run our own 5k
Saturday would be your own time (the race organisers have things planned like pasta party on the Saturday)
Sunday run and a meet up afterwards either going to the organised After Race party or we do our own BBQ on the beach.

If you have any more questions please just ask