You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Part of the RunVerity package is to always have a warm up which includes running drills at the start of any running session. Running drills are vital, in my opinion, to maintain good technique and to become a more efficeint runner. You may think you are not bothered about getting faster but it is my belief that if you run with the correct techniques needed you will be a life long runner. As humans we are built to run and as children we don’t necessarily need to “learn” how to run as it should come naturally to us; as we develop and get older though we tend to lose the “natural” position needed for running as hormones, puberty and life gets in the way.

At RunVerity most of us are having to re-learn the skills needed to run effeciently, hence the daily running drills that I put you through each session. I wanted to show you a picture that was shared on a running coaches forum where the coach was admiring the children’s runners technique as he was saying how fantastic their natural running style was, he was talking about their triple extension in their legs and arms. (see images below)

I have been through our RunVerity photos and have just chosen a few (honestly, there were so many to choose from) but I wanted to show you what I see on a daily basis when you run, it’s powerful stuff, so if you are feeling a bit glum about your running, take a step back and admire what you are doing and how far you have come, I see it all the time, I remember when you first came to me with a bag of nerves and sloping shoulders, I know see athletes so be proud of what you have achieved.