RunVerity latest news November 2018

What an exciting few months we have just had and thank you to everyone who has sent in their yearly reviews, it has been very enlightening, keep them coming.

I will do an end of year review but I just wanted to put some thoughts and plans down to give you all an idea of what is happening in 2019 for RunVerity.

For those of you who I have advised to rest after Gosport, we have had a brilliant suggestion from a RunVerity member about having the last Wednesday of every month an evening “meet up” in Starbucks at 7pm for all RunVerity members who are injured, lost their mojo or being forced to rest. The idea is that you meet, have a coffee and a chat, share ideas and then come down to group as we finish at 8pm to touch base with a few more familiar faces so you don’t feel isolated. The first meeting will be Wednesday 28th November at 7pm. Please let me know if you can make it on

I am also going to introduce a time trial in our speed sessions, don’t panic it will almost be a virtual one in the sense that you do not all have to line up and start at the same time to try and “beat” other members. You can start off in a staggered fashion and only if you want to send me your time and I will log it on a spreadsheet. The time trial will be a 1k loop due to health and safety in the winter months and it will start on the 6th December and subsequently be the first Thursday of the month.

December is Mental Health Awareness month and it would be great if we could get on board with this, we could have one session that is geared up to Mental Health Happy Hour. Details to follow.

We have two events in December at parkrun, the first is our parkrun takeover event on the 8th December, thank you to eveyone who has volunteered and the 2nd is our graduation parkrun on the 22nd December.

This will be our last graduation parkrun, lots of reasons, the main one being it is time to move on and do something different. RunVerity will be doing our own 5k for our graduates to take part in, the idea at the moment is to do it at Wickham railway line, with RunVerity marshals and supporters on the 1.5k route out and back.

Then every quarter I will organise a parkrun visit to other local parkruns so that we can experience a wider variety of parkruns that are not too far away. This enables RunVerity members to not miss out on their first parkrun experience to come along with us and we’ll show them the ropes so to speak.

Watch out in the coming month for details of Race of the Month, we have lots of exciting ideas for next year so that you can experience a wider range of runs, road and off road, and if you do fancy a trip abroad we have opportunities for this to happen.

As always, any questions just ask x