GSR Travel Arrangements

The coach will leave Solent Way in Whiteley at 8am. You can park your car on the road of Solent Way, this is the road opposite The Solent Hotel and we run along it to get to Mollison Rise. The coach will arrive in Southsea at 8.30am it will be a short walk to a pub called The Lord Palmerston. We can use the toilets there and have coffee/tea. I will be leaving her at 9.15am to get to our meeting point which are the benches inbetween the Charity Village and the D-Day museum. This spot is near the toilets and the start and near the baggage drop off. It would be good to have a team photo at 9.45am and if there is space a bit of a warm up.
Orange warm up is 10.20am so need to be in the "pen" just after 10am.
White warm up is 10.38am so need to be in the "pen" by 10.30am
Green warm up is 10.55am so need to be in the "pen" by 10.45am. 
If it is cold I suggest you take an old jumper/sweatshirt that you don't mind discarding when the race starts, they are all collected up and given to charity.
Jamie will see me at mile 6 and then walk over to the finish to support, he will be on the right hand side and this is where we can all go to cheer everyone in. Once all RV members are through we meet at the letter "V" in the charity village and the caoch leaves Southsea at 2.30pm.
My advice is to bring a sandwich for afterwards and warm clothes as there will be a bit of hanging around.
Really looking forward to it :)