Group News

Don’t forget Graduation Parkrun on Saturday 19th October, meet at 8.30am at Lakeside parkrun in Portsmouth, come and run and support with a cup of coffee afterwards.


These are the initial timings for the GSR, please read carefully again before the event as timings may change. For those of you on the coach final details of times will be available on Friday 18th October.

The “club zone” will be available from 8.30am and wristbands will be handed out on the day outside the club zone area. Please do not confuse the club zone with the VIP area, it is very different, the club zone is not a covered area, it is a field opposite the D-Day Museum with literally wooden sheds to put all our belongins in. Can anyone bring a gas stove? A kettle? Some tea bags? Milk? Mugs? What do you think, if we spread out the tasks it might be nice to have a cuppa whilst we wait.

Orange Wave warm up is 10.20am so I’d be in your pen by 10.15am

White Wave warm up is 10.50am so I’d be in your pen by 10.45am

Green Wave warm up is 11.15am so I’d be in your pen by 11.10am

You CANNOT go up a wave, you can go down but not up and there is security to check your bib colour.

Make sure you wear plenty of layers, these can be left in the huts and then just wear an old jumpler/hoodie whilst you are waiting to start. You can discard it when you set off, all the clothing goes to charity to you are helping others and you won’t get too cold.

Bring a spare set of clothing and shoes, the weather forecast is rain and it’s always nice to put clean, dry clothing on when you’ve finished.

Bring plenty of food and drink, there is a lot of hanging around, so bananas or toast for the morning and something for afterwards. It is important you eat after the run as it always takes a long time before you get home due to the traffic.

Who is supporting on the route? Who has a chimp? I think it’s time we dusted them off and brought them out again to support. I’ve used the chimp analogy for many years, even before RunVerity, so feel the time is right for them to make a return, who doesn’t love to see a chimp.

Jamie (my other half) will be supporting in two places, just after mile 6 and at the finish stretch. This is easy as you just cross over the park from one side to the other and get chance to see a lot of the runners. Once you have finished we tend to walk to the finish where we are all gathered so that we can support the last RunVerity runner over the line. We then pick up our belongings from the hut and make our way back to the coach.

And finally we are going to be in The Parson’s Collar after the coach has dropped us off to celebrate.

All these details will be finalised on Friday 18th x

Dates for your diary

GSR Workshop 8th & 10th Oct, please let me know if you can make it

RV30 in Gosport finishes Oct 9th, if any members fancy joining in on their last run, meet at Bayside car park, Stokes Bay, 7pm. From the 16th October we will be adding a RunVerity session in Gosport for all RV members.

Graduation parkrun for Fareham beginners is on 19th October at Lakeside in Portsmouth, even if you are not running it would be great to have you there to support.

Final week for the latest beginners is Monday 21st October, drinks at Cams Mill afterwards.

Training plans for Stubbington 10k will be available end of October.

Christmas party will be £15 a head for venue and live band, please pay into account 40-47-63 64817761

The New Forest Weekend event

The plan for Sunday New Forest Event.

I will be leaving The Solent Hotel at 7am prompt on Sunday morning to get there by 7.30am. The race instructions advise strongly to get there 3 hours before the start of your race. This is because there were huge delays 3 years ago which meant that the races were delayed. It is busy, it is better to get there early rather than panicking. I have space in my car.

You can also pick up your race pack on Saturday and take part in the Expo that they have and there are incentives to do this, again to reduce delays.

  • Take food and money for breakfast/lunch & car park

  • Arrive in plenty of time to pick up your race pack, go to the toilet and drop your bags

  • We cheer all our runners in once we have finished the race so keep an eye out for RV members on the finishing stretch.

  • We usually have a picnic after everyone has finished to miss the traffic, this will be in the designated picnic area where all the refreshments are.

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 13.40.33.png

Xmas Party

The RunVerity Christmas party has been booked for the 13th December at the British Legion with the live band Ruby. No food but feel free to bring nibbles and there will be a charge to cover the cost of the hall and the band; this will depend on numbers so can you let me know if you are a definate (and partners).

News & Events

A massive thank you to all of you who have donated and run for the Samaritans during the month of July.

Lee on Solent parkrun on Saturday incorporating a long run as well to celebrate Hannah’s 100th parkrun!

The new RV showcase sessions finish the week beginning 5th August, let me know how you’ve found them and if you are interested in them continuing.

Salisbury 54321 is on the 11th August, it’s a great event and a spare place is available if you fancy giveing this off road half marathon a go. 11am start so meet at The Solent Hotel at 9am if you would like a lift or go in convoy.

Long run planned for Saturday 17th August, details to follow

RV Junior parkrun takeover on Sunday 18th August, if you would like to volunteer just let me know

Thursday 22nd August evening off road run at QECP starts at 7pm, meet at HSBC at 6.30pm to grab a lift or go in convoy.

Sunday 1st September RV Birthday Brunch run, finish at 11am at 50 Mollison Rise, 5k & 10k routes available.

Please could you email me if you fancy volunteering at London Landmarks on 29th March 2020, we took over one of the water stations last year and it was a great event.

Any ideas about our Christmas party this year? We’ve had 4 pubs and a working mens club, email me with your thoughts.

GSR coach will be available again this year, details to follow

GSR t-shirt will be available to purchase again this year.

RunVerity Development 2019

From the 15th July we will be showcasing new RunVerity sessions for a trial period of 4 weeks.  If successful we will be putting them permanently on the RunVerity timetable which is very exciting.



Tuesday 6.30pm - Whiteley

Run Leader - Deliah Downie

RV HIT (High Intensity Training) - These sessions will be a combination of short bursts of activity followed by short bursts of running.  HIT is a great way to burn calories, get faster and build strength. 

Wednesday 7pm - Fareham

Run Leader - Charlie Rourke

Fareham Hills – The hill sessions in Whiteley are a huge success so we are going to give them a go at Fareham.  These sessions will be an introduction to hills so no beasting at all. The sessions will be safe and supportive, not competitive and if you don’t want to push yourself you don’t have to. 

Wednesday 7pm - Whiteley

Coach Verity Wright

Whiteley Extension – Wednesday nights are going to be extended.  All of my training plans have a longer run in the middle of the week so it makes sense to extend Wednesday so that you have a greater opportunity to get more miles in within the group without having to run on your own before or after the session.  These sessions will not become “faster”, the format will be the same, your pace, lots of looping just a longer route.  This should benefit all of you who are in training for the Great South Run.

If you are on Bronze Membership, during the 4 week trial why don’t you try out any of our new sessions on top of your normal sessions and pay just £3 extra.

In other news…


RV 30 is a new course starting on the 16th July, a twice a weekly programme for 5 weeks with the aim to get complete beginners running continuously for 30 minutes as opposed to a 5km goal at the end of the course.  The sessions will be on a Tuesday and Thursday. 

RV60 will be the course available after RV30, another twice weekly 5 week course that will run concurrently with RV30 and focus on the progression of running for 60 mins non stop. 

On the 18th July there will be a “Women’s Health” Workshop at 8.10pm at 50 Mollison Rise. All topics open for conversation, very informal sharing of things that work or don’t work in relation to aging and running.

On the 25th July there will be a “Runner’s Workshop” at 8.10pm at 50 Mollison Rise. If you are interested in how to step up to “The Great South Run” then this workshop is for you. We will discuss the transition to increasing your mileage safely, share nutritional advice as well as looking at how we can calm any negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones.


Hayling Billy 5 Plans

Hayling Billy 5 details for next Wednesday 12th June.

No parking at the start of the race so parking is advised at West Town Park, the start is a short walk away from here. The for the start is PO11 0EH.There are toilets at the start of the race which is just by the theatre. No changing but a baggage area to drop your stuff. We can meet at The Solent Hotel at 5.30pm and drive in convoy and our warm up and photo will be at 7pm at the start. The start is at 7.15pm and I think you collect your number but it isn't clear on the race instructions.

Fish and chips are being collected at 8.30pm and once everyone has finished we will head down to the beach. Please bring a chair or blanket and warm clothes for the beach. The beach is West Beach and there is a car park there and at athe Surf Shack. If not too windy we'll go on the beach just by the Inn by the Sea, but if windy we'll sit by the Surf Shack.

There is a session on Wednesday night for those of you who are not running this event, Helen Fitzgerald will be taking it. x

Weekend Run

Weekend run this Sunday (2nd June) at Queen Elizabeth Country park. Everyone welcome, you can do whaterver distance you like, you will learn to love hills as it's an out and back route, I will be starting at 8am with my furry friend. Let me know whose interested xx

Upcoming Events

Lots of you are starting to look forward to events later in the year maybe an Autumn half marathon or the GSR. There will be lots of opportunities to train together for all events that are coming up, I plan on having monthly “official” weekend runs where all members of RunVerity are welcome to come along and train. We organise these events so that it doesn’t matter what pace or distance you are doing, we all finish together we tea and cake; And we have a variety of locations that we use, changing these around so we don’t get bored with the same old locations.

There will be a “runner’s workshop” on Thursday 25th July at 8.15pm at 50 Mollison Rise where will be discussing how to step up to the next distance, whatever this may be for you. We share ideas on nutrition, training, trainers and basically all things running related to make the transition to your next distance is achieved as safely as possible.

Here are some of the main events that members have signed up to;

The Jurassic Coastline event is 29th September and the training starts week beginning 10th June. I plan on doing some of the weekend runs at QECP in Petersfield and also a couple of Thursday evenings.

The GSR is on Sunday 20th October and the pre-training for the GSR starts week beginning the 17th June and the 12 week programme starts week beginning 29th July. It’s a good idea to book “Pieces of Eight” which is an 8 mile run 2 weeks before the GSR on the 6th October.

If you have entered any of the New Forest events on 8th September (Half Marathon, 10k or 5k) then the training for this will start week commencing 17th June and this will also be a 12 week programme.

If you are training for Palma Half Marathon or 10k on October 13th the training will start on 22nd July, again a 12 week training programme. Please email me if you would like further info on this. Here is the link for the event itself

The weekend runs planned so far are 2nd June, 23rd June, 21st July and 22nd September. On the 11th August there is the 54321 which is a half marathon in Salisbury and Gravel Hill 5 on Saturday 17th August at QECP in Petersfield. We have use of the BBQ’s at this event at QECP so a good social event.

The tourist parkrun will be on Saturday 3rd August in Southsea.

On the 1st September we have an organised run in the morning followed by a BBQ to celebrate RunVerity’s 5th Birthday.

It is important to choose 1 goal and work towards this; all the training plans can be adapted to suit you and your lifestyle, life does get in the way sometimes and remember running is meant to be fun. My aim over the next few months is to ensure that your training is fun, safe and achievable.



The plan is to meet at The Solent Hotel at 7.30am to arrive in Southampton before road closures. I will be parking in Marlands car park and will be opposite the Guildhall building from 8am so in the Guildhall square. This is very central to the toilets/coffee shops and the start. The half starts at 9am so will see you guys off then back to the Guildhall square to meet the 10k crew. Does anyone need a lift?

Upcoming Events

Good Morning, bit of info for you, more details to follow during the week.

No session Good Friday or Easter Monday morning BUT there will be the Farerham Beginners final week on Easter Monday evening at 7pm. Meet at Lysses car park and we plan on going for a drink afterwards at Cams Mill.

Easter Sunday - Weekend run

Join the London marathon runners for their final long run before the big day. Lots of distances available and coffee afterwards in Starbucks. Details to follow

Saturday 27th - parkrun tourist and graduation run at Lakeside.

There will be a few people running to Lakeside if you would like to get your miles in. Details to follow



I am planing on supporting at London Marathon getting the 06.15am train from Southampton Airport to Waterloo which gets in at 8.45am. The cost is £39.80 return. The race starts at 10am from Blackheath and I will position myself just after mile 25 at Westminster opporiste London Eye. If anyone would like to join the support team it would be great if we could have people en route so let me know if you'd like to stay with me or be a satalite group with a view to all meeting up at mile 25 to see all our runners in. I have attached the course map. Email me on to let me know if you are interested.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 07.18.43.png

Usefule Links for RunVerity Members - Darren and his team are amazing and offer 10% discount to RunVerity members. Darren understands our ethos and supports all that we do and knows that we all need to run! - Are based in Whiteley and offer a wide range of services from Physiotherapy to Yoga. The Podiatrist, Ellie is amazing. - This is the offical supplier of RunVerity clothing and you are not restricted by one colour. We are a diverse bunch of people who wear a diverse range of colours. - If you need an urgent appointment or are not satisfied with your local GP, Winchester Private GPs are fantastic. - A lot of local and national races are listed on this website.

We are an unaffilated club so we do not get discount on any races however you can still put RunVerity down as your club or team name.