Upcoming Events

Lots of you are starting to look forward to events later in the year maybe an Autumn half marathon or the GSR. There will be lots of opportunities to train together for all events that are coming up, I plan on having monthly “official” weekend runs where all members of RunVerity are welcome to come along and train. We organise these events so that it doesn’t matter what pace or distance you are doing, we all finish together we tea and cake; And we have a variety of locations that we use, changing these around so we don’t get bored with the same old locations.

There will be a “runner’s workshop” on Thursday 25th July at 8.15pm at 50 Mollison Rise where will be discussing how to step up to the next distance, whatever this may be for you. We share ideas on nutrition, training, trainers and basically all things running related to make the transition to your next distance is achieved as safely as possible.

Here are some of the main events that members have signed up to;

The Jurassic Coastline event is 29th September and the training starts week beginning 10th June. I plan on doing some of the weekend runs at QECP in Petersfield and also a couple of Thursday evenings.

The GSR is on Sunday 20th October and the pre-training for the GSR starts week beginning the 17th June and the 12 week programme starts week beginning 29th July. It’s a good idea to book “Pieces of Eight” which is an 8 mile run 2 weeks before the GSR on the 6th October. https://fitprorob.primo-solutions.co.uk/ps/event/PortsmouthRNLI10KandPiecesOfEight2019

If you have entered any of the New Forest events on 8th September (Half Marathon, 10k or 5k) then the training for this will start week commencing 17th June and this will also be a 12 week programme.

If you are training for Palma Half Marathon or 10k on October 13th the training will start on 22nd July, again a 12 week training programme. Please email me runverity@gmail.com if you would like further info on this. Here is the link for the event itself https://www.palmademallorcamarathon.com/english/

The weekend runs planned so far are 2nd June, 23rd June, 21st July and 22nd September. On the 11th August there is the 54321 which is a half marathon in Salisbury and Gravel Hill 5 on Saturday 17th August at QECP in Petersfield. We have use of the BBQ’s at this event at QECP so a good social event.

The tourist parkrun will be on Saturday 3rd August in Southsea.

On the 1st September we have an organised run in the morning followed by a BBQ to celebrate RunVerity’s 5th Birthday.

It is important to choose 1 goal and work towards this; all the training plans can be adapted to suit you and your lifestyle, life does get in the way sometimes and remember running is meant to be fun. My aim over the next few months is to ensure that your training is fun, safe and achievable.



The plan is to meet at The Solent Hotel at 7.30am to arrive in Southampton before road closures. I will be parking in Marlands car park and will be opposite the Guildhall building from 8am so in the Guildhall square. This is very central to the toilets/coffee shops and the start. The half starts at 9am so will see you guys off then back to the Guildhall square to meet the 10k crew. Does anyone need a lift?

Upcoming Events

Good Morning, bit of info for you, more details to follow during the week.

No session Good Friday or Easter Monday morning BUT there will be the Farerham Beginners final week on Easter Monday evening at 7pm. Meet at Lysses car park and we plan on going for a drink afterwards at Cams Mill.

Easter Sunday - Weekend run

Join the London marathon runners for their final long run before the big day. Lots of distances available and coffee afterwards in Starbucks. Details to follow

Saturday 27th - parkrun tourist and graduation run at Lakeside.

There will be a few people running to Lakeside if you would like to get your miles in. Details to follow



I am planing on supporting at London Marathon getting the 06.15am train from Southampton Airport to Waterloo which gets in at 8.45am. The cost is £39.80 return. The race starts at 10am from Blackheath and I will position myself just after mile 25 at Westminster opporiste London Eye. If anyone would like to join the support team it would be great if we could have people en route so let me know if you'd like to stay with me or be a satalite group with a view to all meeting up at mile 25 to see all our runners in. I have attached the course map. Email me on runverity@gmail.com to let me know if you are interested.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 07.18.43.png

Usefule Links for RunVerity Members

https://www.dkwsportstherapy.co.uk/ - Darren and his team are amazing and offer 10% discount to RunVerity members. Darren understands our ethos and supports all that we do and knows that we all need to run!

http://www.lbhealthcare.co.uk/ - Are based in Whiteley and offer a wide range of services from Physiotherapy to Yoga. The Podiatrist, Ellie is amazing.

https://justalittlebit.co.uk/run-verity-shop - This is the offical supplier of RunVerity clothing and you are not restricted by one colour. We are a diverse bunch of people who wear a diverse range of colours.

https://www.winchestergp.com - If you need an urgent appointment or are not satisfied with your local GP, Winchester Private GPs are fantastic.

https://www.letsdothis.com/gb - A lot of local and national races are listed on this website.

We are an unaffilated club so we do not get discount on any races however you can still put RunVerity down as your club or team name.

Upcoming Races and Events

Lots going on this weekend with The General in Winchester on Saturday, 100 Acres Race, Bournemouth Half and 10k plus of course Manchester Marathon all on Sunday.

If you are interested in an event don’t forget to check out the calander on the webiste https://www.runverity.com/calendar?view=calendar&month=04-2019 as well as the FB pages. We have a weekend run planned for Sunday the 14th April at Wickham Railway line, plus Lisa and Julie’s 50th parkrun on Saturday 13th April.

There won’t be any transport to the Southampton Event but don’t worry we can arrange to travel in convey so that we all meet up at the start.

Merry Christmas

Busy couple of weeks at RunVerity
Christmas party on Saturday 8pm @ Cams Mill
Week 8 of the latest beginner's course ends on Tuesday 18th, feel free to join us at 8pm to support the latest group and drinks in The Parson's Collar afterwards
Last official session on Friday 21st 9.30am
Saturday 22nd December graduation parkrun 9.00am
Friday 28th 9.30am Cheese Belly run at 50 Mollison Rise, all welcome
Sessions resume on 2nd January at 7pm

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Part of the RunVerity package is to always have a warm up which includes running drills at the start of any running session. Running drills are vital, in my opinion, to maintain good technique and to become a more efficeint runner. You may think you are not bothered about getting faster but it is my belief that if you run with the correct techniques needed you will be a life long runner. As humans we are built to run and as children we don’t necessarily need to “learn” how to run as it should come naturally to us; as we develop and get older though we tend to lose the “natural” position needed for running as hormones, puberty and life gets in the way.

At RunVerity most of us are having to re-learn the skills needed to run effeciently, hence the daily running drills that I put you through each session. I wanted to show you a picture that was shared on a running coaches forum where the coach was admiring the children’s runners technique as he was saying how fantastic their natural running style was, he was talking about their triple extension in their legs and arms. (see images below)

I have been through our RunVerity photos and have just chosen a few (honestly, there were so many to choose from) but I wanted to show you what I see on a daily basis when you run, it’s powerful stuff, so if you are feeling a bit glum about your running, take a step back and admire what you are doing and how far you have come, I see it all the time, I remember when you first came to me with a bag of nerves and sloping shoulders, I know see athletes so be proud of what you have achieved.

RunVerity latest news November 2018

What an exciting few months we have just had and thank you to everyone who has sent in their yearly reviews, it has been very enlightening, keep them coming.

I will do an end of year review but I just wanted to put some thoughts and plans down to give you all an idea of what is happening in 2019 for RunVerity.

For those of you who I have advised to rest after Gosport, we have had a brilliant suggestion from a RunVerity member about having the last Wednesday of every month an evening “meet up” in Starbucks at 7pm for all RunVerity members who are injured, lost their mojo or being forced to rest. The idea is that you meet, have a coffee and a chat, share ideas and then come down to group as we finish at 8pm to touch base with a few more familiar faces so you don’t feel isolated. The first meeting will be Wednesday 28th November at 7pm. Please let me know if you can make it on runverity@gmail.com

I am also going to introduce a time trial in our speed sessions, don’t panic it will almost be a virtual one in the sense that you do not all have to line up and start at the same time to try and “beat” other members. You can start off in a staggered fashion and only if you want to send me your time and I will log it on a spreadsheet. The time trial will be a 1k loop due to health and safety in the winter months and it will start on the 6th December and subsequently be the first Thursday of the month.

December is Mental Health Awareness month and it would be great if we could get on board with this, we could have one session that is geared up to Mental Health Happy Hour. Details to follow.

We have two events in December at parkrun, the first is our parkrun takeover event on the 8th December, thank you to eveyone who has volunteered and the 2nd is our graduation parkrun on the 22nd December.

This will be our last graduation parkrun, lots of reasons, the main one being it is time to move on and do something different. RunVerity will be doing our own 5k for our graduates to take part in, the idea at the moment is to do it at Wickham railway line, with RunVerity marshals and supporters on the 1.5k route out and back.

Then every quarter I will organise a parkrun visit to other local parkruns so that we can experience a wider variety of parkruns that are not too far away. This enables RunVerity members to not miss out on their first parkrun experience to come along with us and we’ll show them the ropes so to speak.

Watch out in the coming month for details of Race of the Month, we have lots of exciting ideas for next year so that you can experience a wider range of runs, road and off road, and if you do fancy a trip abroad we have opportunities for this to happen.

As always, any questions just ask x

Looking after your Mental Health

I know I say that running cures everything and I do believe that the physical and mental benefits to running are huge and as you know I spend a huge proportion of my job trying to break down the barriers that stop people from getting out of the front door.

 We know that taking up a sport like running has a huge amount of physical and psychological benefits as is widely reported but what happens if you just can’t get out of the front door due to anxiety and depression.  Starting something new, especially later on in life is a big deal and anxiety levels can go off the scale just at the thought of doing something that you may already think you are not very good at.  People can even experience feelings of low self-worth for not trying something that is deemed to make them feel better. To a certain extent you have to have a healthy relationship with the exercise for it to be effective in treating depression and anxiety. It can’t just be go for a run, you’ll feel better, the sheer mental wall that has to be climbed just to get out of the front door can be unreal.

I receive a lot of emails from people saying they won’t start running until they’ve lost some weight or can run 5k already. The perception is that we need to be really good at exercise before we even start or we just shouldn’t do it.

 In my experience there seems to be a message that until you have the body of someone who exercises then you can’t exercise.  A common theme in my email communication from prospective clients is “I’ll be the obese one!” I’ve never met that person, they don’t actually exist, only in the head of the nervous would be runner who just wants to give it a go to see if they can run.  And these thoughts aren’t gender specific to women, I have the same emails from men as well.

 A lot of people run to lose weight so that they can start leading the life that they want to “when I’ve lost that weight, I will be happier, look like someone else, live a different life”. A great deal of time can be wasted comparing ourselves to others, looking sideways for our self-esteem when in fact we should be looking at what we have achieved already. Comparison to others can lead people to experience even more anxiety and it can be a very lonely and destructive road to go down.

 Learning to run and sticking to running is hard, we live in a world of instant gratification, where we get results quickly, lose weight quickly, smash our 5k time quickly.  Sometimes we need to just slow down, breathe and work with the body we’ve got right now. Having even a small shift in attitude towards starting something new like running and learning to appreciate not only the physical benefits but also the impact on our mental health. Looking after our mental health is just as important as our physical health, learning to self-care and being kind to ourselves can only be a good thing.

I heard a good suggestion the other day about self care, treat yourself as though you were a puppy, nurtue, feed, water, exercise, encourage it to rest and have lots of cuddles. I think that is good advice, I haven’t got the answers, I know that getting out of the front door can be like climbing mount Everest in your slippers, why do you think RunVerity was set up? Be kind to yourselves, we are all doing our best.

RunVerity latest news September 2018

RunVerity weekend runs in September

Saturday 15th September at the old Wickham Railway line, finish time will be 10am

Sunday 23rd September (Venue to be decided) finish time will be 10am

AGEAS Bowl 10k 30th September We have 39 people signed up for this local 10k run so it should be a good event. If you haven’t signed up yet I would do so quickly as it does sell out. Details of the day will be posted nearer the day.

Pilates Course The next Pilates course starts on the 4th October at 8.15pm for 45 mins.  This course has been designed by Nikita especially for runners and there are 4 out of 8 places left.  I cannot recommend this course enough especially as you will get such support with it being a small group.

Great South Run There will be transport available again this year, please watch out for further details as places will be on a first come first served basis.  This year we will also be offering RV members the opportunity to have a get together after the GSR at Fresh to Desk who will be providing us with a Buffet and there will be an opportunity to purchase alcohol.  The cost of transport is £10 per person and buffet will be £15 per person..

RV Christmas Party The date of our Christmas party is the 15th December and will be held at Cams Mill pub in Fareham.  Prices will be available soon and a deposit will secure your place.  Details coming soon.

Stubbington 10k We had 70 runners in this local race last year, let’s see if we can get even more this year. It sells out quickly as it’s such a good run so book your place as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.


RunVerity new News for the Autumn

RunVerity is expanding and I want to keep you all up to date with all that is going on. So bear with me and please make note of where all information will be held in the future.

We now have 4 Run Leaders, Deliah Downie, Emily Giles, Helen Fitzgerald and Charlie Rourke. All of the RV Run Leaders have completed the England Athletics Leader in Running Fitness course and have been trained by myself to become a RV Run Leader.

RunVerity is expanding the RV Beginner’s Course to Fareham, there will be 2 sessions; a 9.30am and a 7pm session. These will be held behind Fareham Leisure Centre and will meet at Leigh Road car park.

Emily Giles and Charlie Rourke will be taking the morning session and myself and Emily will be taking the evening session. This means that Helen Fitzgerald will be leading the Monday evening session in Whiteley from the middle of September. Don’t be surprised if another RV run leader takes a session as we now have plenty of people to cover holidays.

There will no longer be a newsletter, all the current news and events will be posted in the following areas

The member’s area on the website http://www.runverity.com/members-area

RV weekend runs will be updated in the RV weekend runs group

RV Events will be updated in the RV Events group

  • please note that you have to “like” comments and posts to keep getting notifications from all the RV Groups. I know people are missing posts due to FB algorithms and I know there is a lot of information being bombarded via FB but if in doubt check the website as I am trying to divert traffic back to the website.

The password for the member’s area will be emailed to you via mail chimp from coaching@runverity.com. This is changed every few months due to fluctuations in membership.

There are a number of training plans in the member’s area on the website, the beginner plans are designed for people who have never run that particular distance before and the intermediate and advanced plans are mainly designed for people who are comfortable running that distance before. If in doubt just ask.

All the articles that I have written will be collated in an e-book that should be available in the member’s area on the website and this should be ready by the 23rd August.

Friday 24th August the morning session will be on from 9am-10am and then I will then be on holiday until the 28th August, I am leaving my phone at home :). So no sessions on Bank Holiday Monday, normal sessions will resume at 6.30pm on Tuesday 28th August.

RV 4th Birthday celebration will be at Fareham parkrun on the 1st September at 9am. There will definately be cake after this, please, please come and support, lets see how many RVs we can get there and if you haven’t got RunVerity down as your club then could you add us as it makes the stats look fab.

There are a few RV members who are running the Arundel 10k, if you fancy meeting up, please post in the events group as I know a few of you are running this for the first time.

There are lots of RV members who are running varying distances at the New Forest on September 9th. I am up north running the GNR so I will need a “volunteer” to co-ordinate a meeting point and warm up if anyone fancies doing this on my behalf. Just pm me.

There will be a 6 week Pilates course for RV members at LB Healthcare starting on the 4th October at 8.15pm. The cost of the 6 week course is £45, there are only 8 places available so full payment only will secure your place. Please make payment to Account 04338588 sort code 40 47 80

The Christmas party will be on the 15th December, venue to be confirmed.

There will be a coach to take us to the GSR and there will be a buffet afterwards at Fresh to Desk. Price and menu will be available soon.

The link to buying clothing is on the website https://justalittlebit.co.uk/run-verity-shop

RunVerity members get discount at DKW Sport and LB Healthcare, please mention when booking a session.