The art of looping in RunVerity

As you know I feel passionately about running being inclusive and I spend a lot of my time talking and encouraging people that if they join RunVerity that they will never be left behind because we have a looping back system. I’ve watched first hand the huge impact that the simple act of looping has on the morale of the rest of the group and so I want to share with you the reasons why we loop.  You will never be left on your own at the back watching everyone disappear into the sunset, you will also not be the person on your own at the back that everyone loops back for, the looping is very fluid, it flows so people are looping and running and looping.

1 Looping back keeps everyone safe, especially as the nights get darker as it keeps us all in a tight group.

2 Looping back helps us work together as a great team and creates the supportive group community that people speak so highly of on Voice for Whiteley. We all remember how scary it is to venture into a new group and knowing that RunVerity members have respect for each other eases the transition into this wonderful sport.

3 Just waiting at the top of a hill or corner isn’t fair, it doesn’t help the slower runner who has to work extra hard to catch up, whilst the faster runners take a breather, when you loop back you stop the quicker runners getting more rest than the other runners who may need it.

4 I believe in it, from the fastest to the slowest runner in RunVerity, we’re all part of the family of running, and seeing the moment when the quicker runners loop back to run with the group, where I really see RunVerity’s teamwork in action is without doubt one of my favourite things about my job.

So here’s how we do it in RunVerity,

Try to run just 2 abreast and to the right of the path and set off running at your own comfortable pace. When a large gap (100m) develops between the front runners and the rear runners, the runners at the front of the pack loop back, indicating with their left arm and turn left and run back to the back runners.

The front runners instigate the looping and everyone follows even if you are in the middle of the pack. There is no need to alter your pace when running back up to the front. The runners at the back should keep their steady pace if the group gap stays small.

Basically if you are at the front of the pack you should loop back. Please do not loop back if you are in the middle of the pack as this causes people to bump into each other.

If you are unable to loop because it is taking all your effort to get round the planned route then you just need to walk back rather than run but keep moving, standing still and waiting is really discouraged in RunVerity.

Everyone in RunVerity buys into the art of looping, 99% of people who run with me have come from the beginner's course, remember runners have been with me for over 3 years now and they have improved and become stronger runners and if they weren't looping then I haven't done my job properly as no one would have progressed.  Be assured you will not be left behind.