Warm up and Cool down routine

Warm up

Butt Kicks

Run 10 metres ahead of you with your thighs more or less locked in a neutral position and try to kick yourself in the glute with your heel on each stride. Focus on keeping the rest of your body still and simply flicking your lower leg backward.  Do two or four reps of 15 kicks with each leg.

High Knees

Taking short steps with a very quick cadence, alternate thrusting knees upward until your thigh breaks a plane parallel to the ground. Focus on soft, flat footstrikes near the ball of your foot while using your core to lower your leg down slowly instead of letting it crash to the ground. Do two to four reps of 15 lifts on each knee.


On a flat or very slightly downhill slope, alternate thrusting into the air off one leg in an exaggerated skipping motion. The focus should be on a powerful leap into the air and a quick (but not super fast) cadence. Your arm motion should be synced to the opposite leg’s action, holding steady for the brief moment while you’re off the ground. Do three to four reps of 10 leaps on each leg.


Standing upright with your head and torso facing forward, move laterally in one direction by placing your trailing leg in front of the lead leg. Then move the lead leg in that same lateral direction and place the trailing leg in front of the lead leg. Maintain a fluid motion with your arms rotating in the opposite direction from the legs. Do two to four 50-meter reps to the left and right, facing the same direction for each lateral movement.

Slow Skipping

Skip with a moderate leap off of one foot and return to the ground and immediately leap off the other foot, main- taining a compact arm swing as if you were running. This slow-action skipping drill should have a staccato rhythm. Do two or four 50-meter reps.

Running Backwards

Although it will seem awkward at first, try to replicate your forward running motion while moving backward. You’ll still be pushing off of your forefoot and swinging you arms, but you’ll be lunging backward with your hamstrings and using core muscles to stabilize differently than you’re used to while moving forward. Focus on form, not on speed. Do two or four reps of 50 to 100 meters.

Cool Down

Shoulder rotation

Rotate shoulders forwards and back.

Deltoid stretch

 Pull a straight arm across your chest and hug with the other arm.

Triceps stretch

Hold a bent arm by the elbow behind your head.

Quad stretch

Hold your foot against your glute, keeping your knees together and your standing leg soft

Groin stretch

Sit down with the soles of your feet together and push out your knees with your elbows.

Glute stretch

Sit down and place one bent leg over a straight leg and gently hug your bent knee with both arms towards your chest.

Hamstring stretch

One leg in front of the other with a straight knee, hands on bent knee of hips, sit back on support leg with bottom out and back straight, bring the toes up to the nose of the straight leg

Ankle rotation

Stand on one foot, rotate the ankle on the other foot in one direction, then the other.

Week 2 Session and Homework

Warm up followed by the running drills.  Running for 2 mins and 1 minute recovery for 25 mins. If possible try and get out once more, follow the warm up and cool down routine above and run for 2 mins with 1 min recovery, repeat this 3 times then aim for 3 mins run with 1 min recovery for a total of 25 mins.  Focus on running from your ankles and not from your hips and if you feel your shoulders hunching, pull your core in and drop your shoulders down.