Reasons to keep going

Hazel’s Story

What prompted you to join the RunVerity beginner's course? 

I wanted to do something for me after having my 2 children. I'd never done any exercise of any kind before, but my husband had done quite a bit of running, and it seemed to be quite easy to fit in around the kids, varying distance and time to accommodate the spaces in the evenings and weekends. 

What difference has joining this course made to you and your running?

I'd never run before, so it made me a runner, in the year since I joined as a beginner I have completed numerous 5 and 10ks, I'm now training for the Great South Run and booked to do my first half marathon next Spring. 

How has being coached improved your running?

I think I would have given up: with the basics, of shoulders back and down and the strong arms which I remind myself of frequently on hard or long runs when I'm getting tired, and knowing Verity is at group or online if you need any advice about anything gives you the confidence to keep going.

Also, knowing Verity lives in Whiteley keeps me running when I'm running round the area with good posture in case she sees me! 

What would you say to anyone who was thinking of joining the RunVerity Beginner's running course?

Do it! It will change your life! And you'll make new friends, some faster than you, some slower, but all so supportive! 

Hazel and Steve running together

Hazel and Steve running together

Fiona’s Story

I started RV Intro to Running,  the day after my 56th birthday, after a period of rehab for plantar fasciitis.   My msk podiatrist suggested that I was good to start running! From limping and thinking I would need a stick to RunVerity Intro to Running course and 12 weeks later I ran 5k without stopping, without gasping for breath and without pain.

I am amazed at myself every time I run,  because I can.

Intro to Running was perfect for me giving me confidence to give it a go. The beginners course

taught me how fast to run (slowly) how to use legs and arms,  gave me confidence that my legs really  can do this,  and the knowledge that I won't die trying.

RunVerity is a wonderfully friendly and supportive place to learn how to run, and to develop as a runner. Lots of people of all ages sizes and abilities running together.

I experienced a long time with difficulty walking, now I love to run , I still can't believe that I can

Fiona with her RunVerity 5k medal

Fiona with her RunVerity 5k medal