What's after RV30 Gosport

I know some of you are interested in continuing with RunVerity after RV30 finishes and I wanted to let you know what the next step would look like (literally!).

The plan would be for the sessions to continue at 7pm in Gosport with Emily leading the group, the group would literally be you, you would be the trailblazers in Gosport flying the RunVerity flag. The sessions would build on what you have achieved so far, each week you would meet up, warm up, go out for a run/walk along the seafront, maybe a bit around Alverstoke as the weeks progressed and then a cool down. No time trial, no pressure, just doing what we have been doing.

RunVerity is all about inclusivity, we are a professional, straight talking fun group who are human. And what I mean by that is we just love inspiring normal people to achieve things that they never thought was possible but with the right tools and techniques. This photo shows just a few of us meeting up to run along the seafront on a Saturday morning and then having breakfast afterwards. You can’t tell in the photo who is the quickest, who has been with us the longest, who is the slowest, we don’t care, we just love running and support one another in each other’s journey.

Our moto is “Let’s Run Together” and shows that we are a friendly voice of encouragement that speaks of inclusion and equality. No one is ever left behind and no pace is out of place.

We all run for different reasons and we all respect those different reasons, no one is judged if they run a 16 min mile or a 6 min mile, we are all important.


Membership would be on a monthly basis and this enables you to access all the training plans, advice and support from the RunVerity community. I write articles to help with the mental skills needed to become a robust runner and we have regualar montly runs and social events. Let me know if you are interested and I can send all the info needed to sigh up. x