Meet Paul, his story is truely inspiring

Photo 1 is Wyvern 10k 2017 Paul weighing 17 stone 11 pounds

Photo 2 is Wyvern 10k 2018 me weighing 16 stone 9 pounds

Photo 3 is Wyvern 10k 2019 me weighing 15 stone 13 pounds

This is what running with RunVerity has done to my body, not to mention what it has done to my mental health,it has been very hard at times but very rewarding.
Running is a big part of my life now and i have made so many new friends who have helped me with my running journey.
You get great advice at this club but we don’t always listen like going out to fast ie photo 4
But when you get it right it feels fantastic photo 5
All i can add is believe in yourself and most of all enjoy your running.

Wise words Paul, thank you for sharing your story :)