More choice at RunVerity

From the 15th July we will be showcasing new RunVerity sessions for a trial period of 4 weeks.  If successful we will be putting them permanently on the RunVerity timetable which is very exciting.



Tuesday 6.30pm - Whiteley

Run Leader - Deliah Downie

RV HIT (High Intensity Training) - These sessions will be a combination of short bursts of activity followed by short bursts of running.  HIT is a great way to burn calories, get faster and build strength. 

Wednesday 7pm - Fareham

Run Leader - Charlie Rourke

Fareham Hills – The hill sessions in Whiteley are a huge success so we are going to give them a go at Fareham.  These sessions will be an introduction to hills so no beasting at all. The sessions will be safe and supportive, not competitive and if you don’t want to push yourself you don’t have to. 

Wednesday 7pm - Whiteley

Coach Verity Wright

Whiteley Extension – Wednesday nights are going to be extended.  All of my training plans have a longer run in the middle of the week so it makes sense to extend Wednesday so that you have a greater opportunity to get more miles in within the group without having to run on your own before or after the session.  These sessions will not become “faster”, the format will be the same, your pace, lots of looping just a longer route.  This should benefit all of you who are in training for the Great South Run.