What does a RunVerity Running Session look like?

At RunVerity we have always warmed up, it is part of our routine and always has been. Yesterday there was an article published suggestioning lack of warm up had a detrimental effect on runners

“When it comes to injury prevention in amateur and recreational sport as there is a growing belief you can go from nothing to all-out activity with no consequence,” said Mr Qureshi, a knee surgeon at Unversity Hospital Southampton “There is a tendency to skip warm-up routines and muscle conditioning exercises and concentrate on distance, whereas preparation and gradually increasing activity is where the focus should be.”

At the start of every session we warm up for 15 minutes using a variety of games, activities and running drills ensuring our bodies are ready for the run.

Our sessions are always based on time and not distance, this is because at RunVerity we are all different and run at different paces and we have a “looping” system in place which ensures no one is ever left behind. Curious to see how it works?

The looping enables runners of all abilities to run together regardless of pace as the front runners all loop back to the back runners, over take and run further before looping again and so forth. This means runners of ALL paces can run in the same group and it works,