What does a RunVerity Beginner's Session look like?

At RunVerity we break down the practical and emotional barriers often associated with running. The toughest emotional barrier can be finding the time for yourself as feeling guilty for having some time out from the family can be really paralysing. The toughest practical barrier can be just putting your trainers on and heading out of the door.

The aim of our Beginner’s Running courses is to reach people who consider themselves not to be “sporty”, success is measured in a number of ways, not just in terms of numbers; we encourage and support people to believe in themselves, not compare themselves to others and to achieve their goal, which ultimately is to run and enjoy it.

So many people have said to me over the years “oh I wish I could run” and my belief is that you can, given the right tools anyone can run and learn to enjoy it. There are no gimmicks, no surprises, RunVerity teaches you to run, the programme is progressive, we run at your pace and we run effeciently. The clip below is week 6 of the latest beginner’s running course, as you can see, normal people just running. If you’ve always wanted to run but didn’t know where to start, find out more here