Spring is literally just around the corner

So much is going on for RunVerity members over the next month. Our Manchester marathoners are well and truely in the tapering stage of thier 16 week training programme! Only 2 weeks on Sunday to go for them whereas the London Marathoners haven’t quite hit the tapering stage yet but not long to go. We also have a member running Edinburgh this year which is a first for our team.

This year I have included marathon workshops into the training programme so that not only are our members getting the physical support needed to be able to run a marathon but also the psychological support as well. This has proved to be really beneficial to this group and something which I hope to continue when our Autumn marathon runners start training as well.

Marathon Workshop, spring 2019.JPG

On Sunday we have two events to look forward to, Eastleigh 10k which is such a fantastic event, we have members who have just completed the RunVerity beginner’s course who are now ready to take on the next step.

We also have a large number of RunVerity members heading up to London on Sunday to take part in the London Landmarks Half Marathon. This is a huge event now and we have lots of runners who got a place via charity of ballot. Those of us who were not fortunate enough to get a place though have opted to volunteer on the day and because there was so many of us we are now manning our own water station. Look out for us, we are water station 4 at mile 11, we are so excited to be able to offer support to all of the runners who are competing in this race. Here’s Nikki and Glens’s story; they have been vlogging for Tommy’s about their running journey and their journey with IVF, they are truely inspirational