Back to Basics

The RunVerity Beginner’s running course isn’t C25K, this bespoke programme is about development and the course takes you right back to the basics of moving; the fundamentals known as the ABC’s, Agility, Balance and Co-ordination.

Whether you are returning to running or a complete beginner exposure to a wide variety of movements is key to all-around development. Good co-ordination and movement skills are the basis on which to develop your full potential, it isn’t about how far you get or how fast you go, it’s about longevity and achieving your goal safely and strong.

We teach you all about these fundamental skills that are needed to become a runner or a better runner, I coach you on how to run so that you learn the technical skills needed so that you can move and look like a runner. 

We support you by

  • Slowing it down

  • Breaking it down

  • Doing one thing at a time

  • Building up gradually

  • Practicing and being competent at A before you move onto B

When we break these skills down more often than not we find that we can move and do things that we never thought would be possible.  We are teaching our older body things that we were taught at school, how to hop, skip and jump, all the basic fundamental skills that are needed to master any kind of sport, whether it’s running, shot put, long jump or javlin, we all needed to learn how to move first.   

The RunVerity Beginner’s running course knows the importance of stripping things right back and starting at the beginning.

I didn’t expect it to be quite as fun!
— Stephanie week 1 of the beginner's course

Places are limited on the next course so if you would like to secure your place email