Dan's Testimony

My very first official race was the 1999 Great South Run. I was almost 17, and I completed it in football shorts and a polo top. I barely trained for it and finished in (i think) 1 hour and 36 minutes. For the next 16 years I flirted with running, but I was playing football sometimes 3 times a week so my fitness was fairly decent.

By 31 I’d quit football and there was a fitness shaped hole in my life. So, I started running again. Trained for the 2015 great south run and did it in 1 hour 30 minutes dead. I was happy with that but wanted to get better so 2016 I did it again taking 5 minutes off my time. I then decided to enter a half marathon and signed up for the Southampton half in 2017. Trained for it myself and achieved a time of 1hr 50 minutes. It was hard but I was relatively happy with my time.

In June of 2017 I had my first session with RunVerity. I remember it well. A 200m speed session. I loved it, and committed to the group straight away. Within 6 months I had PBs in the Great South Run (1hr 17), 10k (46:23) and 5k (21:25). There is no doubt that without Verity’s coaching and targeted sessions, I would never have improved in the manner that I have. I’m now following a tailored marathon training plan from Verity for London, which I am following diligently and trust completely. Once that is out of the way Berlin awaits!!

Dan 2018.JPG