How to go from walking to running

What did you tell yourself when you got out of the front door to start my run/walk programme? Did you listen to the negative thoughts in your head that may have sabataged your run. Did you tell yourself that you weren’t as fit as eveyone else and just gave up and went home?

Or did it feel good and you said to yourself “do you know what? I’m doing it”

If it was hard, try again, put those trainers on and try again, starting something new and not being perfect at it right from the start makes us resilent and stronger so forget about the last time (unless it was positive) and head out of the front door again.

  • Start by briskly walking to warm up

  • Walk briskly between 2 lamp posts/benches/road signs. Then slow down between the next 2 lamp posts/bences/road signs. Walk briskly again between 2 lamp posts/benches/road signs.

  • Now run between the next 2 lamp posts/bences/road signs, I don’t mean sprint as fast as you can, I mean run, just lift one foot off the ground and then the next one. You may think, hang on I can walk quicker than this, but running and walking are different. When you walk you always have both feet on the ground, when you run, you always have one foot off the ground, it may not be very high, but it’s off the ground.

  • Slow it down, focus on your breathing, are you out of breath? Can you talk? If your breathing is out of control then walk between 4 lamp posts/benches/road signs

  • Once you are breathing normally again, try again, run between another 2 lamp posts/benches/road signs.

Repeat this pattern for 10 minutes, then turn back around and do the same before heading home.

Next time watch my video blog on how to progress to running.