Frank's Testimony

What prompted you to join the RunVerity beginner's course?

I really wanted to start running again, I knew that I would not self-start, especially in a cold Jan 18,  and that I needed a structured approach if I was to really commit to running. Through a friend I leant about RV. I was told its not competitive, but fun and supportive and having seen how well my friend was doing I could see it produced real results. So I put any embarrassment and trepidation behind me, bit the bullet and joined the beginners class. I am very glad I did!

What difference has joining this course made to you and your running?

The difference is that I can say ‘I am a runner’! it was about two thirds of the way through the beginners class when Verity stopped everybody and asked us all “what did we see”. We sort of looked at each other until somebody said “runners, I see runners” and that was true. In a matter of weeks we had gone from being able to run very little to confidently running around Whiteley. It was a small step but it was a transformational moment that I will not forget.

 Since that time I have run a minimum of 2-3 times a week. I have improved upon Personal Best (PB) times, which incidentally, and importantly are secondary to enjoying the running experience! I can now run 9-10 miles and am on target to run the Great South Run and Gosport Half Marathon before Christmas 18. Both of which I will enter with confidence. In between these two events I am also going over to Palma Majorca with the RV Team to run the Palma 10k event, I cant wait.

 So the difference to me is I am fitter, weigh less and really look forward to running with my many new friends in the RV team. I want to say something about being proud as well. It’s a fantastic feeling joining the team at an organised event, be it a Park Run or 10k event such as Southampton, Eastleigh or Lymington. The enormous confidence and joy I get when I turn the corner onto the last couple of hundred metres in an event and hear the noisy roar of the RV team members and support crew cheering me home over the line. Its unforgettable, genuine and what this club and its members are all about!

How has being coached improved your running?

I must admit I thought I knew how to run being an ex-footballer. I could not have been more wrong! I have since leant to run properly, efficiently and strongly. The coaching I have had from Verity and her team has been excellent, be it part of the group class or when out on a run having a few quiet encouraging words in my ear “pockets to sockets”. As I run today I don’t worry about capability anymore, I know I can do it. That means I can take in the atmosphere of a race or my surrounding, Lymington 10k along the sea wall was amazing.

What would you say to anyone who was thinking of joining the RunVerity Beginner's running course?

If you are thinking about joining I would say do it! It will be one of the best investments in your health and well bearing that you will ever make. You will also find new friends with a common interest and they will support you. In time you will look back on the decision and smile 

Frank at the finish of the Great Sout Run 2018

Frank at the finish of the Great Sout Run 2018