How to get out of the front door and start running.

Do you tell yourself that you are

  • too overweight to run?

  • That you need to lose at least 2 stone before you start running?

  • That your boobs are too big to run and that they will get in the way?

  • That you are not sporty at all and would need to get a bit fitter before you start running?

  • That you haven’t got the right kit to start running?

  • That you haven’t got the right body shape to run?

Does all of this sound familiar?

If there is a little bit of you that would like to try running because you see people pounding the pavements and wish that you could do that, you too would love to enjoy the freedom and sense of achievement that running gives you. In my experience you don’t have to wait until you are “sporty” (what does that even mean) or wait until you have a runner’s body (and what shape is that?) before you take up running, you can do it right now with the body you have.

I receive a lot of emails from people saying they won’t start running until they’ve lost some weight or can run 5k already. The perception is that we need to be really good at exercise before we even start or we just shouldn’t do it.

In my experience there seems to be a message that until you have the body of someone who exercises then you can’t exercise.  A common theme in my email communication from prospective clients is “I’ll be the obese one!” I’ve never met that person, they don’t actually exist, only in the head of the nervous would be runner who just wants to give it a go to see if they can run.  And these thoughts aren’t gender specific to women, I have the same emails from men as well.  

A lot of people run to lose weight so that they can start leading the life that they want to “when I’ve lost that weight, I will be happier, look like someone else, live a different life”. A great deal of time can be wasted comparing ourselves to others, looking sideways for our self-esteem when in fact we should be looking at what we have achieved already. Comparison to others can lead people to experience even more anxiety and it can be a very lonely and destructive road to go down.

How to get our of the front door and start running

Wear something comfortable, you don’t need special kit, if you haven’t got a sports bra, wear 2 normal bras and just put leggings and a comfy top on. Any type of trainer will do at this stage and normal comfy socks.

  • Start by walking briskly for 10 mins to warm up

  • Walk briskly between 2 lamp posts/benches/road signs. Then slow down between the next 2 lamp posts/bences/road signs. Walk briskly again between 2 lamp posts/benches/road signs. Listen to your breathing, if you are really out of breath walk between the next 4 lamp posts etc.

  • Once your breathing has recovered, walk briskly between the next 2 lamp posts etc.

  • The idea is to not be too out of breath, you should still be able to talk, if you can’t talk slow the brisk walking down just a smidge until you feel comfortable in your breathing.

  • Do this for a total of 20 minutes, so you could go out in one direction for 10 mins then turn round and go back the way you came.

  • And that’s it, that is how you get out of the front door.

My next blog will be on how to build up from walking to running.