Benefits of Hill Training

We shouldn't be afraid of hills, hill training runs provide an all-round body workout. And here are the reasons why;

  • The muscles you use to run up hills are the same ones used for sprinting, so the strength you build will improve your speed.

  • Hill training is an excellent workout for speed, strength, confidence, and mental endurance.

  • Hills are important because they create variety and intensity, which improves your endurance, anaerobic capacity, power and running economy.

  • Hills increase the difficulty or the intensity of a run. Climbing a hill naturally increases your heart rate, which improves both your aerobic (endurance) and your anaerobic capacity. In this way, hills can actually be used as a form of speedwork because they can simulate the heart rate intensity of a track workout but without the actual speed of the track. Hence why we were all puffing away like steam trains!

  • Running uphill forces you to lift up your knees higher than usual, which improves stride length and speed. Have I mentioned that this helps muscle development to increase power.