RV Beginner's Running Course

Have you tried running before using the "App" and found that you just couldn't get past a certain week? Did you think to yourself "well running just isn't for me?" Technology is amazing and I think having fitness apps that support you to becoming active are a good thing. 

The RV Beginner's Running course is different from the "Couch to 5k" programmes that are very popular and the difference is that you are coached on the course by qualified coaches that have been trained by England Athletics.

I have developed the RunVerity Beginner's Running course from my years of experience as a runner, teacher and laterly as a coach. The 8 week course has been based on the England Athletics Young Athlete Development programme called Athletics 365.  Athletics 365 is a multi-event development programme which introduces athletes to the fundamental skills needed to be able master any sport.

Running is part of this athletics programme and therefore my beginner's course is very much based on developing the right skills needed to be able to run effeciently, correctly and with confidence.

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This inovative approach to running;  turns non runners into runners who enjoy running but who also believe right from the start that they are runners.


For the 8 weeks during the course you are supported and encouraged by having online access to articles that have been written to help you progress through your journey.  There are a lot of mental barriers that prevent people from being active and at RunVerity we understand these and help break them down.

If there is a teeny tiny bit of you that would like to give running a go, then get in touch, what's the worse that can happen?