Do you hate running?

If you really, truly detest running with every inch of your body, it's okay, you don’t have to run; running isn't for everyone, BUT if there is a teeny tiny bit of you that thinks actually I'd quite like to give it a go or if you want to be able to run but keep making excuses not to then here's where RunVerity can help. 

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RunVerity has an inovative approach to running; not only do we turn non runners into runners who enjoy running but we also make people believe that they are runners.



We start with the RV Beginner's running course where you learn the correct running techniques needed to help you run more effeciently. Poor posture and poor running technique can lead to wasting much needed energy which in turn can make running seem harder and therefore less enjoyable.

By focusing on improving your running technique you are directing energy into effcient movements in order to run your best. And the more you run correctly the more efficient your body becomes and the more efficient you become the more you enjoy running. 


Our sessions, whether you are on the beginner's course or in our normal run groups, all have an exciting atmosphere; we have fun and we laugh (a lot) we are all unique, we run at different paces and we never leave anyone behind. 


All our Run Leaders are supportive, kind and compassionate, their objective is to give you the confidence to be a runner and see what you are actually capable of doing; most of the time you will amaze yourself.

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