Every Runner Matters

When I taught Psychology A level it was the norm to work with groups of students who were mixed abilities, that's what teaching is all about, Every Student Mattered.  As a teacher I was trained to deal with the varying levels of abilites and had to plan each lesson (and I taught 20 lessons a week) to ensure that the lessons were pitched at the right level to every student.  This enabled every student, regardless of their ability, to have the same opportunity to progress and pass their exam with success.

For me transferring these skills to my coaching is no different from my days as a teacher, each RV session that I plan, each training plan that I write has differentiation aspects in it as every member of RV is different.

All the RV sessions are suitable for all abilities, nobody is the same and nobody is at the same place in their running journey.  Yes you might get a few runners who are training for the same goal and run roughly the same pace, but their lifestyle, emotional, social and mental development won't be in the same place.

There is such a wide range of ages, abilities and aspirations in RunVerity as well as beginners joining throughout the year.  The sessions are planned so that more experienced runners can make progress and the less experienced runners feel comfortable and confident in the group. 

I feel very lucky that my passion for teaching, coaching and mentoring has enabled me to transfer all the skills that I have learnt into RunVerity.