The RV Beginner's Running Course

I have developed the RunVerity Beginner's Running course from my years of experience as a runner, teacher and laterly as a coach. The 8 week course has been based on the England Athletics Young Athlete Development programme called Athletics 365.  Athletics 365 is a multi-event development programme which introduces athletes to the fundamental skills needed to be able master any sport.

Running is part of this athletics programme and therefore my beginner's course is very much based on developing the right skills needed to be able to run effeciently, correctly and with confidence.

The difference between the RunVerity course and Athletics 365 model is that the target audience for the 365 model is the young athlete (from 4 years old) and the majority of my participants are over 18 years old.  What I do though is take everyone back to the basics, as though they were 4 years old, so chronologically you may be for example 35 years old, but we teach all beginners who start with us the fundamentals of just moving. By using this key exercise progression, you quickly learn movement patterns such as squatting and lunging which form the basis of running. Not only that but we include fun games incorporating agility, balance and co-ordination so regardless of your ability we teach and coach the crucial movement patterns that underpin running.

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The course is a blend of theory and practice, there is a 1 hour coaching session with on hand coaches to advise and support you to ensure that the right technical skills are developed.  These sessions are supported by the theory behind running and are available online; we also encourage everyone  to go out and do another practical session to help get into good habits and we provide another group setting for this to happen.

By learning the correct techniques and by getting the basics right not only does this enable you to improve your performance of being able to run but it also minimises the occurrence of injury.

From the very start, in the RunVerity programme, you are treated as a runner, regardless of your size, ability or background.  The course is progressive and we run at your pace, teaching you how to breathe, how to listen to your body and how to progress so that you develop from non-runner to runner in 8 weeks.

The most important thing is that it works so why don't you come and see for yourself.


Fareham parkrun and the RV August Graduates 2018