The Importance of warming up and cooling down

Many runners lace up their running shoes and head out the door saying they don't have time for a warm up.


  • Warm ups are essential as they let your body gradually adjust and prepare for the harder work to come which will in turn make running easier.  

  • Warming up allows the heart and breathing rates to gradually make the transition from normal resting state to vigorous exercies, which will increase blood flow to the heart, bring oxygen and blood to the muscles and raise your body tempreture.  

  • The cool down is equally as important as the warm up and it is very tempting to miss this as well as you head back through your front door to recover.  

  • Your body needs to cool down and recover so the cool down is the warm up in reverse and is just as important.  

  • If you stop running abruptly this may cause cramps, soreness, dizziness or an abnormal strain to your hears. 

  • The purpose the of the cool down is to help your body return to it's pre-exercise state.  Cooling down helps your heart rate and breathing return to normal and again will minimise the muscle soreness and tightness.