How To Become A Runner

Running is the one sport that people think that they don’t have to worry about technique, running is simple isn’t it, you just put your trainers on and run; if only that was true.  By improving your running technique you can improve as a runner by running more efficiently and subsequently running faster. Poor technique can lead to you becoming tired more easily as you are not running efficiently and this can lead to injury if you have bad form.

As a running coach I do not believe in changing a runner’s running style, we all have our own unique way of running and there is no perfect running form.  However, I do believe that by making the following small adjustments you will become the runner you’ve always wanted to be. These are the core areas that we focus on at the RV Beginner’s Running course

·      Posture           

·      Arms  

·      Hands 

·      Hips    

·       Foot strike         

Next RV Beginner's Running Courses starting September 2018 in Fareham and Whiteley