What to do when it's HOT HOT HOT

Summer training and running is really hard, the heat can zap your energy and make you feel like you are running in treacle.  If you can the best thing to do is run early in the morning to avoid the full sun and this is exactly what RV runners did last week at the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance Airport run.  A 6am start on a completely flat course meant lots of PB's as runners watched the sun rise over the airport. 

So many RV runners achieved PBs on this course, some knocking minutes off their usual 5k time.  It was also a very special event for our RV Run Leader Emily who has supported Cheryl and Theresa who started with RV on the Introduction to Running Course in the depths of winter.  Both Cheryl and Theresa have worked hard over the last few months and they were thrilled with their first race.  Well done to you all.


Unfortuneately the finish arch deflated before all of the runners came in, but true RV spirit meant that every runner who ran to the finish line still achieved a special finish as RV runners started a "human arch".  

It's also the time of year when lot's of people sign up to Race for Life runs, a charity that is very close to my heart.  To watch a sea of pink running, walking, chatting and generally support one another is quite something.  We had lots of RV runners who either ran their first 5k or Pretty Muddy run and these events are a brilliant way to start your running journery.


I love a parkrun and it's been especially special to watch people run their first parkrun with RV and then to see them achieve milestones like their 50th.  Hannah has been inspirational this last year with her first marathon and now her 50th parkrun at Lee on Solent.