What is Great Coaching? 

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Taking people from just having a desire, a thought, an inclination, a possiblity that they maybe able to run and turn them into runners is what great coaching is all about for me.  Starting someone from nothing and I mean literally nothing, gasping for breath and wishing I would shout "And recover" after just 30  seconds and then watching them turn into runners, head high, arms driving as they sprint finish their goal race is the most satisfying and emotional feeling for me.

Running is a roller coaster of emotions, amazing highs but also incredible lows where you are full of self doubt.  We have good runs and not so good runs, sometimes the training all fits into place and other times it all goes wrong.  I have spent many hours crying with frustration that a race didn't go to plan, but do you know what? I'm not afraid of failure, I pick myself up, dust myself down and do it all again. Why? Because I love running, I love exploring the countryside with my dog and my running buddies.  I love the feeling of speed and feeling strong, sometimes I feel slow and week but when you get that race where you feel you could run forever, that makes all the lows worth it.

So being able to empower people to start their running journey and to feel that feeling is what it's all about for me, I believe anyone can run with the right coaching, if you have just a thought at the back of your mind that maybe you could run, give it a go, you never know where you might end up.

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