Being a coach is so much more than your coaching qualification, your qualification is just the first step on your journey as a coach.  Learning how to apply what you have learnt in the classroom is vital to being a good coach and being open to the fact that you are always learning new things.  

Coaching is so much more than how fast someone can run, it is about developing skills so that an athlete knows HOW to run, it is about watching someone progress to achieve their goals, not generic goals but specific individual goals that mean something to the athlete.  Sometimes the theory goes out of the window and as a coach you have to listen, and I mean really listen to what your athlete is saying.  It could be a throw away comment that doesn't register until a few hours later, I'm often awake at 5am in the morning thinking about something that one of my athletes said to me in passing.  These comments can speak volumes as it isn't just about the physical side of a sport, it is about the mental and emotional side of development, looking at their lifestyle and their social development.

I take into consideration other things that are going on in an athletes life as running requires a balance, you can't run or live in a vacuum.  All the things that go on around an athletes life affects their training and ultimately how they perform on race day, an athletes committment to running and training affects other aspects of their life and understanding this is as much a part of being a coach as teaching the technical stuff.

Balancing running, work and family is hard, yes it's important to commit to the next challenge but I ensure that running is kept into perspective, running should be a stress release and not an added stress.  Sometimes the balancing act fails and all the balls come crashing down, but that's ok that's what having a coach is all about, being there to pick up the balls, sometimes a shoulder to cry on, to give a hug or have a bit of a honest chat.  I am there to help you find a reasonable balance.

Marathon traing is hard...

Marathon traing is hard...