5 Reasons to have a Running Coach


Help develop running skills enabling you to run more efficiently and optimise performance

A coach will look at your running style and help you develop running skills that will help you run more effeciently especially when you are fatigued

Protect you from injury

A coach will lead a proper warm up incorporating running drills that enourages muscle memory to help prevent injury.      

Help you achieve personal running goals, whether a beginner or experienced runner

Having a coach who will factor in lifestyle will make a big difference in your success.

Keep you consistent and motivated

Some days are easier than others so having a coach can help you through the tough weeks.


A coach will keep you honest. If you struggle with self-discipline, then      knowing that a coach is going to be encouraging you and checking on your training progress is very helpful in sticking with a program


Paris Marathon 2018

Sam joined RV in April 2017 as a complete beginner and a year later she completed Paris Marathon.  The photograph shows that even after 26.2 miles her posture is strong compared to the other runners around her. Sam worked hard on her technique over the course of the year, she stayed injury free as she increased her miles and achieved a long held ambition to run a marathon.