How Good Coaching Makes a Difference

Have you tried running on your own and found that you struggled with your breathing?

You may have run until you thought your lungs were going to explode, continuingly looking at your watch thinking surely you have done enough?

The RunVerity ethos is that with the right coaching, support and encouragement, anyone can learn how to run even if you are racked with self doubt and nerves.

At RunVerity we coach people how to run, step by step we create pathways that help you progress and develop, teaching the basics first and building on these foundations that turn you into a runner.  Here's Lynn's story.


Lynn started her running journey with RV in 2016 with the RunVerity Beginner's running course.  The image on the left is Lynn at the finish of Wyvern 10km in July 2017.

The image on the right is Lynn finishing Southampton half marathon in April 2018. 

You can visible see how Lynn's posture is upright, her hips are high and she in not "collapsing" into herself which can lead to injury.  Lynn now has the right technical skills that enable her to run longer distances, enjoy running and remain injury free.

If you are curious to see if you could also learn how to run correctly then get in touch, you never know where it might lead.