The snow didn't stop RV members from training

According to research, exercising in the cold can bring you unique benefits, so even if there is snow on the ground there is no excuse to retreat to the sofa.
— The Times February 2018

RV sessions weren't cancelled last week due to the adverse weather conditions, as a coach, the safety of my athletes is paramount and I made sure that the routes were safe before going ahead with the sessions. There was something quite magical about running in the crisp freshly laid snow with no-one around, no cars on the road and everyone tucked up inside. It doesn't happen very often in the South so I thought I would offer the opportunity to RV members and it wasn't a disappointing run. I adapted Friday morning's session to hill training practise and we went into Whiteley woods and completed sprint hills up the steep hill with a recovery coming back down.

The local parkruns were cancelled as were a lot of running events at the weekend but again we were all very resourceful and made our own weekend runs.