How do you progress with RunVerity

At RunVerity we have 9 coached running sessions a week, we have a Pre-Beginner's Course, a Beginner's Course as well as mixed ability coached running sessions every day. 

RunVerity's sessions offer support and encouragement, having an expert coach's perspective can make all the difference between success and failure in achieving your goal.  Sometimes when left to your own devices runners can get caught up in hitting a certain amount of miles each week and doing too much too fast; generic training plans downloaded from the internet don't take into account other factors that may be affecting your performance. Having a running coach who tells you when to run fast and when to take things easy keeps RunVerity members from overdoing it and getting burnt out, how to avoid overtraining and how to train you for peak fitness on race day. Having a coach at RunVerity helps you to know how much recovery time to take after a hard workout or race as well as knowing your race goals.

Having a coach helps you develop running skills and techniques, these are vital in your development as a runner, regardless of your distance.  Learning how to keep your running form when you are fatigued in a race takes practise and patience.  As you progress with RunVerity you get stronger and fitter and you find yourself running more.  As you improve you ask yourself what else can I do, could I go further or faster.

This support and encouragement from other RunVerity members builds self confidence in your ability, it gives you the confidence to sign up to races because your team mates are doing it as well.  This confidnce enables you to go out and run on your own because the techniques you learn makes you look like a runner.

Having a coach helps keep you motivated,  knowing that someone cares about your time can help keep you going when the race or session gets tough. Sometimes a hill or speed session seems impossible but knowing that your coach believes in you can help you push your pace that little bit further.

A coached session at RunVerity helps you to do all of the little things that we sometimes skip over. When the session is planned to include running form drills and stretching it is easier to do in a group than when you are on your own. Runners usually forgot about all of the little things that in turn make a huge impact on your running and injury prevention, having a coach whose job it is to think about these things makes being a runner that little bit easier.