How to breathe and run

Run And talk surely not?

Want to re-engage in exercise? Don’t know where to start? At RunVerity we start with the basics, learning how to breathe.

“One of the most common problems I come across as a running coach is that people, when first learning how to run, can’t get their breathing right at all. Being out of breath when running can cause you to feel serious panic and discomfort which can lead to you feeling rubbish before you’ve even reached the end of the road. Your chest is tight, your throat hurts and you can be left gasping for air which in turn can makes you feel rubbish and want to stop. Does this sound familiar?”

In my experience the most common causes of being out of breath is that you are running too fast and too soon.  You don’t need to head out of the front door and “win” every run, you need to learn to control your breathing so that running becomes enjoyable.

  • Warm up! Make sure you take the time to properly warm up by walking briskly for 3-5 minutes.. This will allow your respiration to gradually increase and your diaphragm to adjust to more vigorous breathing as well as allowing the nerves to calm down.

  • Start out slowly when you first start out on a run, allow your body to adjust to what you are doing.

  • Make sure you add the short walk breaks, in your run as this allows you a brief moment to recover and your breathing the time to catch up. I suggest that you put your walk breaks in before you become breathless, listen to your body, if your breathing beomes laboured stop and walk.

  • Once you’ve slowed your pace down you can get into a nice rhythm, even if you feel you could walk faster keep the pace slow; you are still running.

Interested in learning more about how to run effeciently? The next RunVerity Beginner’s Course starts on the 7th January at 7pm in Fareham and the 8th January at 8pm in Whitley.