What a year 2018 was!

RunVerity continues to grow and as I reflect over the last year I am still blown away by the fact that we still have such a safe, inclusive and supportive group in which people can continue to run and develop. I pride myself on the fact that at RunVerity we don’t want to just get people up and running, we like to keep them running by encouraging them to be part of our amazing running club that provides valuable running advice and coaching so that everyone has the opportunity to become lifelong runners. 

 We do this by not being afraid to put ourselves out there, speak to people we don’t know, support people we don’t know and stand nervously in a car park hoping that we won’t make a fool of ourselves. 

We currently have 150 active members and 40 sign ups on the RunVerity Beginner’s course in Fareham and Whiteley and these numbers continue to grow on a steady basis.

We now have 4 RunVerity Run Leaders, Deliah, Helen, Emily and Charlie who are all amazing, supportive and passionate about inclusivity and the RunVerity ethos.  Having this brilliant team around me has meant that RunVerity can expand and I am delighted to say in September we ventured into Fareham with our RunVerity Beginner’s course and subsequent running groups.  I am pleased to say they have been a huge success and continue to grow.  We have people already signed up to both Fareham and Whiteley groups starting in January 2019.

RV Run Leaders.JPG

We continue to have race of the month and again I am pleased to announce that these runs have been an astounding success as we have seen numbers reaching up to 80 members attending at any one event, we really are a formidable team at the start and finish of races.  As our numbers have grown so has our support crew and we now have 5 RunVerity chimps which just gives us more visability alongside our community feel.


 Last year we had 8 runners running various marathons and I am pleased to announce that we have more than doubled this number for next year with 7 members running Manchester, 9 members running Berlin and 2 members running Loch Ness. 


 We had our very first 5km run in July and I am pleased to say we raised some money for our chosen charities which helped raise funds for members who ran in The Great North Run in September.  We are planning another event, this time in June, again in aid of a charity that we hope will be bigger and better than before.

Signs 2018.jpg

 Our focus has always been on the holistic approach to running as I continue to develop the mental side of training alongside the physical aspect as well.  I enjoy writing the articles and have been thrilled to compile some of these articles into an E-book which is now available on line.

 We have also introduced “buddy week” so that people can get to know each other better and just spend a bit of time chatting with each other at the start of the session, this has been a very popular addition to our sessions and brings us even closer together.  It was also suggested by a RunVerity member that we have a coffee evening so that people who have lost their mojo or are injured can meet up and not miss out on the social aspect of running, we wil be doing both of these new ventures once a month in the future.

 So what’s in store for 2019

So much going on, here’s just a few things; 

Numbers are down this year for Stubby 10k as members weren’t successful in getting a place at Stubbington 10k, but as always I have come up with plan B which is a hilly 10k race in Swanage, just something a bit different for us to try but don’t worry, there will be plenty of support both at Stubbington and Swanage.

 In March 2019 we have a number of runners who are running London Landmarks half marathon and I am pleased to say that we have a RunVerity Volunteering Team who have been allocated their very own water station to help support all of the runners.

 We also have a lot of trial events on the calendar next year, the first one is in January in Guildford, a series of 3 and then in March The Lamar Tree 10 mile run and in September a few of us are doing The Jurassic Coastline Trial which from memory is incredibly hilly!

 Our trip to Palma was another success and we all enjoyed a sunny weekend away in October, I know people have already booked to go again next year as they, like me, fell in love with the city.

 We are also trying something new and moving away from the “graduation” parkruns and heading towards our own 5k event at the end of the RunVerity beginner’s running course.  These will be held in Whiteley, around the business park on a Sunday morning.  This frees up people’s Saturdays but also means that every quarter we can become parkrun tourists and visit other local parkruns in the area taking “new to parkrun” runners with us to show them the ropes.