What does a Running Coach do?

I am asked quite often “Why would anyone pay a running coach to learn how to run? It’s easy isn’t it? All you have to do is get out of the front door and run? How hard can it be?”

My answer to these questions is that as an England Athletics qualified running coach, my role is to support and guide you in your running journey. I have been trained to coach the technical skills needed to run efficiently, I have been taught how to physically prepare and monitor your progress as well as learning how to practically apply all of these skills so that your running performance improves.

However, my area of expertise is the development of the bespoke RunVerity Beginner’s Running course and if you’ve ever started running on your own or with an app you may have already realised that your running journey is a little more complicated than “just put your trainers on and run, one foot in front of the other”. You may have already given up saying to yourself that running isn’t for you as you’re not sporty enough and the PE teachers were right at school.

The difference between the RunVerity Beginner’s Running course and an app is mainly due to the personal attention, guidance and knowledge I can give you to help you achieve the goal of running 5k in 8 weeks.

I help, support and motivate you, talk to you about what else is going on in your life if you are struggling with your progress, we only have one energy pot for everything that we do and I can help you manage your time; adapting the course if necessary so that you have every opportunity to succeed and not give up. Having someone that you are accountable to can make a big difference to success and failure and knowing that I am there week in week out “having your back” does wonders for your motivation.

I also teach the technical skills needed to run help you run more effeciently, this includes coordination, balance and agility skills that will improve your posture so that you have the correct biomechanical movements to run. These are known as the fundamentals of running and these are embedded in my progressive programme. And if you can’t get them right the first time, it’s ok, I’m there on hand to help you break down these techniques until you master them in your time. All these skills help you stay injury free and as injuries are the number one reason people don’t achieve their goals I am there to guide you, my insight and experience can help to prevent overtraining which can lead to injury.

The RunVerity course isn’t C25K, yes you will acheive 5k in 8 weeks but the difference is you will have support in all areas of your training because that is what a running coach actually does; and I love it!