No barriers

Age and ability aren’t a barrier at RunVerity. We always have a wide variety of people who sign up to the RunVerity Beginner’s Running course, the majority of our new recruits are complete beginners having never run before or even exercised since they were at school. Their experience of sport may have been clouded and spoilt by awful PE lessons when they were younger or they may have been told that “they didn’t have the right build to be a runner” or their illness would be a hindering factor to successfully being able to run. Some new recruits may have run previously and are looking at developing their running skills as they have never been shown how to run or they have lost their motivation and need a course to help get them motivated.

Whatever people’s reasons are for signing up to our course, you can guarentee a safe and supportive environment in which you can progress and develop at your own pace. Age and ability are not a barrier in RunVerity, for example recently at the GSR our first RunVerity member came in with a time of 1hr 6mins and our last RunVerity runners finished in 2hrs 20 (and we had 75 runners inbetween)

This September we had Patrick who is 14 years old and Shirley who is 73 (and numerous ages in between), both completed the course having not run for a long time. Age and ability isn’t a barrier at RunVerity.