Fareham Parkrun Takeover

Such a beautiful morning on Saturday 2nd September, RunVerity's 3rd birthday.  To celebrate we decided that we would do another parkrun takeover and this time it was Farehams turn.  Everyone had a role, posters had been made, plans to run to the event so that nobody missed out on their training and pacers at the ready.  We had 5 volunteers to pace runners on Saturday, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 minutes and they all did a fantastic job, within seconds of their predicted pace, they were amazing and really helped runners achieve their goals

Brilliant job, well done :)

Brilliant job, well done :)

RunVerity uses parkruns every 8 weeks once the beginner's running course has finished, it's a great distance for new runners to aim for and a challenge for experienced runners who are excited by the fast pace of a 5km.  And this is the wonderful thing about parkruns, like RunVerity, it caters for all abilities, all ages, no pressure and no dress code.  And because parkruns are always there for us every week, we thought we would give something back to our running community by taking over all the voluntary roles and supporting other runners on a Saturday morning.



What does an RV Weekend Run look like?

Emily is training for Bournemouth marathon and part of her training plan involved a 20 mile run and because there are a lot of RV runners who are training for Autumn marathons we organised a route that allowed people to join us along the way.  Emily took a selfie everytime someone joined her and this is what it looks like