Latest Graduation of RV Beginner's Course

Fantastic achievement as the latest RV Beginner's Running course finished last night, Coached from 0 to 5k. The next course starts on 5th September at 7.45pm interested?

Why did you join RunVerity?

I joined the RunVerity beginners course as I wanted to learn how to run and given my age wanted to do it safely and without injury. 

My first goal was to be able to run 5K and to be honest that seemed like such a dream I didn’t really think past that achievement.  I was amazed that at the end of 8 weeks I could run 5K without stopping although I didn’t feel particularly comfortable.  It gave me such a buzz when I completed my first parkrun I couldn’t wait to come out again on Tuesday!

What have you achieved with RunVerity?

It is coming up to 6 months since I completed the beginners course and in that time you have helped me to work on my running technique and perhaps more importantly my confidence issues.  I now run 5K three times a week and, although there is still room for improvement, I really enjoy it!  

What would you say to anyone who is thinking of doing the Beginner's Course?

I would recommend that anyone who is thinking of trying the beginners group makes it a priority as running changes everything.  Learning to run is not easy to start with but RunVerity makes sure that you do it safely and within your ability.  The sense of achievement when you complete the course and do a graduation park run is like a drug and before you know it you will be hooked!

Anyone who is running by themselves should try a group run with RunVerity as I am sure they will be surprised by the benefits.  Fast or slow runners all have a place and looping makes sure everyone stays together and very soon a weekly run with likeminded, supportive, people turns into something not to be missed lightly.  Whether there is a specific running goal in mind or just getting better at what we are doing Verity always has a plan!