A weekend of race prep before the GSR training plans are published

Only one week to go before the GSR training plans are published by RunVerity's coach, 12 weeks to go and counting. This year it will be a big event for RV members, we have 70 people signed up so far with I'm sure more to come.  So this weekend we had a number of runners taking part in our local parkruns, Fareham, Lee on Solent and Whiteley and then we had a few further a field, Havant and Humber Bridge.  

This week is R2RV, Return to RunVerity, as we encourage people to come and try us out if they haven't been for a while, it can be hard to get your trainers on as you imagine that everyone else has turned into an Olympic Athlete since you've been away.  There are lots of sessions now available, in fact we have 10 a week and all of them are inclusive, regardless of your ability.  We have a new session called RV Blast, just a half hour session if you haven't got too much time on your hands and research shows that just 20 minutes exercise is better than none at all.