Have you always wanted to be able to run?

RunVerity Graduation Parkrun April 2017.

RunVerity Graduation Parkrun April 2017.

Have you looked at other runner's with envy and thought to yourself I really wish I could run? When you do eventually pluck up the courage to go out for a run do you end up coming home deflated, frustrated and cross because you couldn't run and breathe at the same time; you just couldn't catch your breath?

Running does not have to be hard and trust me you do not have to look like a fitness model to be able to do it.  At RunVerity you can be a runner in the body that you have right now, my beginner's running courses are designed for complete beginner's who may not have exercised since PE days at school.  You do not have to wait until you have lost weight or got a little bit fitter, you can do it right now.

The RunVerity beginner's running course is different from other couch to 5k programmes because I understand that running is as much about self belief as it is about learning how to run properly. I give you the skills to be able to run so that you are not out of breath and that you come back from our runs feeling good and with a sense of achievement.  The course is progressive and designed to take you from a non-runner to a runner in 8 weeks and as a running coach I am with you literally every step of the way,  supporting and encouraging you so that you stay focused and keep on track.

Here's what you get from the course

One hour weekly coached session where you develop new running skills

Support between the coached sessions with structured "homework" to complete

8 weekly articles to support your running journey including fuel and hydration, how to warm up and cool down, how to stay motivated

A supportive group environment with like minded people

Interested? Book your place now £54 for 8 weeks starting 27th June, last course before September