Next RV Beginner's Course April 25th @7.45pm

The RV beginner's courses have been running continuously for over 2 years now and I have lost count of the number of people who I have taught to run.  My bespoke coach to 5km has enabled complete novices who have never run before to run correctly and efficiently and complete their first 5km within 8 weeks. Starting anything new can be daunting, especially running, most people remember their school PE lessons with a mixture of horror and often humilation.  If you weren't good enough you may have been ignored or worse still told you weren't good enough and this can stick with you all through adult life.  At RunVerity I understand the barriers that stop people from taking up a new sport, and running has so many benefits both physically and psychologically.  

My programme consists of taking you through the basics of just moving to start off with, we throw balls to each other, we try balancing on one leg, we walk through cones, everything is done through coaching and encouragement.  I can promise you that you won't be humiliated and you won't feel out of place, you will be supported throughout the 8 weeks by weekly one hour sessions and via the beginner's area on the website.  You will be given the confidence to succeed and the tools to be successful. You never know where the course might take you, what have you got to loose? 

I’m so pleased I managed to get out of the car on that first night. My anxiety levels were off the scale to be honest. But a year on we are so much further on in our running
I’m 50 this year and can’t wait to continue the progress I’ve made on the Beginner’s Course. I’m starting to notice a change in my mood and fitness and it shows that it’s never too late.
On our first session I remember how good I felt at the end of it (not out of breath, dying etc) and how I felt like I could do more - maybe it was something to do with the run/walk ratio